It was morning time at Daniels house, Daniel,Tyler,and Frostbite were working on a strong Slingshot for the Angry Birds flock."So how long will this take?" said Tyler, "just a few more minutes." said Frostbite. "Huh? We ran out of hard wood? But we had plenty! said Daniel, "really?" said Frostbite "i guess i have to get more in the forest." "Ok" said Tyler we will try to finish the Slingshot with the last hard wood piece we have". "Ok, ill be back in a few minutes" *Hops to the forest* "hmmm... They must be here somewhere... HA! Found them! *Picks up 7 pieces of hard wood* "wow its strong, but its heavy" said Frostbite. "Oh look another piece of hard wood, i guess one more won't hurt" said Frostbite, "Huh why do i feel so.... Weird" said Frostbite "uhhhhh so....Tired..." *Blacks out*

"hmmm.... shouldn't Fosstbite be here by now?" said Tyler, "yeah your right, i guess we should go find him." said Daniel, "ok lets go!" said Tyler. *Hops to forest* "Frostbite! Where are you? yelled Tyler and Daniel. "Uhhhhh... Whats...happening?" said Tyler, "i don't....know...Tyler" said Tyler and Daniel. *Both black out*

"uhhhhh.....What happend?" said Tyler "I don't know..." said Daniel "were trapped in a test program thanks to random black out..." said Frostbite "Frostbite! your here too!?" said Tyler and Daniel, "yup" said Frostbite "greetings test subjects welcome to my test program, i see you woke up from your deep sleep" said GLaDOS "here us this portal gun to to get to the next test, ill see after your done with this test." said GLaDOS. Sooo... what are we gonna do now? said Frostbite, "i guess we have to do what she says, and its not like anything bad happends if you fail... right?" said Tyler, "oh and if you fail then you'll then be vaporized" said GLaDOS. "Wait but were skilled right?" said Daniel "Right" said Tyler and Frostbite, "so that means we wont fail!" said Daniel, "your right!" Said Tyler, "so what are we standing here for? Lets go guys!" said Frostbite "Yeah! Lets go!" said Daniel and Tyler "Yeah! Were gonna Win!" said Tyler, Daniel and Frostbite.

To Be Continued...

Part 2 coming soon...

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