Pilot Is the first episode of The Office


A documentary crew gives a firsthand introduction to the staff of the Honeydukes Branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, managed by Tyler Franks. Those introduced in this episode include sales representatives Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute; temp Nick Howard; receptionist Pam Beesly; and Michael's boss from corporate, Jan Levinson. [1]Jim tells Tyler he couldn't close a sales deal, so Tyler calls the client and successfully concludes the sale, though he also accidentally insults the client. (saying Thank You, Mr When he was actually a she) Pam gives Tyler a fax from corporate which he crumples the fax and throws it in the wastepaper basket, jokingly called by Tyler the special filing cabinet for things from corporate. He tells the camera that people consider him the best boss because he's hilarious, and demonstrates this by repeatedly shouting "Whassup?" to Jim and Dwight.

Jan Levinson then enters the office for a meeting with Tyler, in his office with Pam present. When Jan asks Tyler if there was anything he wanted to add to the agenda, Tyler tells her he didn't get one. Jan replies she sent one earlier in the day. Tyler asks Pam if they got an agenda, to which Pam says it was the one he threw in the garbage can. Jan then informs Tyler that board has determined that they can't justify having a Honeydukes branch and a New Pork Branch. She says she told Josh, the regional manager in New Pork the same thing and there may be downsizing in Tyler's branch, which causes Tyler to panic and scream like a little girl. Later in the meeting Todd Packer calls and Todd asks Tyler if "Godzillary" is coming to his office and wants to ask her if the carpet matches the drapes. Tyler hangs up on Packer, but Jan is displeased.

In the break room, Oscar, Phyllis, and Stanley are at a table talking about the possibility of downsizing. Angela and Kevin talk about the downsizing. Jim and Pam are not concerned with the rumors as they discuss Angela's "cat-bird party" [2]Nick then arrives from the temporary employee agency. Michael demonstrates his humor by imitating Moe, from The Three Stooges and Adolf Hitler. Later, while Jim is on the phone, Dwight uses a ruler and pushes Jim's overlapping papers onto his desk. In retaliation, Jim built a pencil fence between his desk and Dwight's, which Dwight smashes with his phone. Because of this, Jim tells the camera he's not afraid of the downsizing issue. Dwight, too, tells the camera he has no problem with downsizing and that he has been recommending it since he first arrived at Dunder Mifflin.

To boost morale, Tyler holds a meeting with Dwight acting as his assistant. Tyler assures the office they have nothing to worry about, though they still argue about it [3]After the meeting, Tyler introduces Nick to Jim and Dwight. Dwight talks about his 1978 Nissan 280Z but, when he opens his drawer to show Nick some pictures, he finds that Jim has enceased his Stapler in Jell-O. Dwight wants Tyler to punish Jim but he makes puns about the joke instead.

Jim later asks Pam if she wants to go out for a drink after work, but Pam's fiancé, Roy, arrives and wants her to go home with him. Tyler explains his management style to Nick and plays a prank on Pam, pretending to fire her for stealing Post-it notes. When she breaks down crying, Tyler reveals the firing was as a prank, though Pam is not amuse[4] .

After everyone has gone home, Jim goes into Michael's office and places his mug in Jell-O.

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