Pigshelet is a cursed bird. The curse he has turns him into a pig and doesn't wear off until he finds an antidote. His name used to be Birdshelet, and when he turned into a pig, it made sense to rename himself Pigshelet. His user is here.

His Personality

He (usually) thinks through his actions. He's pretty calm until angry or upset. He loves making new friends. He likes inventing, and even though he isn't good at it, he still tries his best.


  • "When life gives you limes, you've got to learn to make Limeonade"(Pigshelet's crazy version of a famous saying)
  • "Umm..."(Usually at a beginning of a sentence, it means he's nervous or confused usually)
  • "Well?" (Waiting for an answer)
  • "Dang it!" (When he fails, he says that)
  • "I will never, and I mean never, give up on anything valuable!" (A line that he says when someone tells him to give up something valuable)
  • "Vraiment Pigram?! VRAIMENT?!" (When angry at Pigram)


  • His known friend is Flamro.
  • He thinks that pigs remember what happened and recognize him as a pig.
  • He once stole King Pigram's crown.
  • One time, Pigshelet invented special goggles called "Dragon's Vision Goggles" which allow you to see everything clearly when it's foggy or dark.
  • Pigshelet's family speaks French, and he was taught French also. Unfortunately, his skills are not unlike Google Translate.
  • He steals Pigram's crown to get revenge for stealing the eggs.
  • If there's one last thing he would say... thank you, everyone of this wiki, for such a good time. You will all be missed.


Him when he stole King Pigram's crown.

How To Draw Birdshelet

  • Draw Bomb but add irises and a tail that looks like Bubbles' tail.
  • Draw a star next to his eyes.
  • Color the firebolt, belly, iris, and tail light green.
  • Color the body and fuse red.
  • Color the pupils black.
  • Color the beak orange.
  • Color the star yellow.
  • Cut out the picture if you please.

Rage Rating: 4/5

- By CursedForLife

Large Pig

Pigshelet now

Pigshelet Samue
Me when I was a bird.
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Gender: Male
Species: Kunekune
Strength: Strong
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