King Pigram has his special crown destroyed, and now it's up to him and his minions to make a new crown.

Chapter 1: Gold Turns To Mold

King Pigram and his minions were hiding in bushed, yet again trying to steal the eggs. "Yum, yum, eggs!" a pig shouted, and ran to the eggs in the nest. "No, no, NO!" King Pigram said, and followed the pig. Daniel and Ryan were playing chess. "CHECKMATE!" Ryan said. They heard a noise. "We left the eggs unprotected again!" Evan said. "I'll handle it," Kashy said, and went to the nest. "Stop right there!" Kashy said. He exploded at the pigs, and King Pig went flying off. His crown fell off. "OH NO! MY CROWN! Oh wait, I can just walk over there and grab it again," he said. Suddenly, the crown fell into a boiling pot. "JACK-POT!" a bird said, coming to the pot. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" King Pigram yelled.


Another pic

In King Pigram's thoughts...

The fortress has been hit with dents after many pigs were exploded back there. "HOLY PIG EATING DELICIOUS EGGS! WHERE IS OUR KING?!" a pig said. "H-HE'S DEAD!" another pig said. "I'm right here, you swines! I lost my crown!" Pigram said, no longer with the crown. "Sire, we can no longer call you King, because you have no crown," a pig said. Pigram grabbed a paper bag and drew a crown on it, then put it on his ear. "THERE! Now make me a crown, so amazing then the other one, it will amaze all of you, especially the birds, and they will be like, 'OH COOL!' and give me the eggs. And then, they will surrender. And then, I will take ove-" "Sire, that's never going to happen in an infinity years," a pig said. "WELL MAKE ME A CROWN, WILL YA?!" King Pigram shouted at them.

Chapter 3: Hammer and Fail

The pigs did HORRIBLY bad at building Pigram's crown. They put nails in it, stuff pieces of gold in it. Heck, they even put a PIG in it. "NO, DON'T PUT THE CHAINSAW!" a pig said. "OKAY, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!" Pigram said. "Sir Helmet was putting the chainsaw while Pig #28 was in it. "Ugh, out of my way!" Pigram commanded. He saw the badly-built crown. "I COULD JUST VOMIT AT IT!" Pigram complained. "NEW ONE!" he said. Yet again, the pigs got to work. A pig entered through the door. "Sorry I'm late!" the pig said, putting on his blue hat. "MECHANICAL PIG! WE'RE COUNTING ON YOU! I NEED A NEW CROWN!" Pigram said. "Sigh, alright," Mechanical pig said, and went to the piggies. "Okay," he said, "we need blueprints and creativity," and set up the blueprints. 3 hours later, they were done. "Ugh, I hope it's good," Pigram murmured. He was actually wrong. The crown was bedazzled with diamonds and no dent nor mark was on it.

Chapter 4: Epilogue

"I can't WAIT to show off the bird my new crown!" King Pigram said, now with the crown on his head. Tyler and Ryan were playing chess, once again. "Haha, I am a chess master! No one can beat me!" he boasted. "HEY BIRDS!" King Pigram said, confident. "Look at my totally awesome, rad, cool, not bad, super crown!" and the birds looked at it, with no sign of impressed. "GET OUT OF HERE!" Evan said, and attacked the pigs.

The End

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