Paulie is Daniel's 2nd Best Friend. He is a Yellow Bird, and So he likes Showing off his Speed.
He also enjoys beatboxing. He Permanently Turned into A Lazer Bird after Angry Birds Space


Paulie with Sumsung Galaxy Note00:30

Paulie with Sumsung Galaxy Note

Paulie Introduces the Samsung Galaxy Note!

GALAXY Note Angry Birds Space teaser00:35

GALAXY Note Angry Birds Space teaser

Paulie Sponsoring as the Icon of the Sumsung Galaxy Note!

AB Lazer Bird
General Info
Powers Speed and Turning Around at sharp angles
First Level Appearance: A.B. SPACE 1-20
First Story Appearance: {{{firststory}}}
Gender: Male
Species: Canary
Strength: Normal
Birth Date: {{{birth date}}}

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