This may be late, but this story is based off of New York, who had been hit by Hurricane Sandy. R.I.P to those who died.


The gang was going to a vacation to New Pork! They always wanted to go there. Anyways, here's how it started:

On October 29th, Evan had been on a game show called, "Vacation Time!" for a trip to New Pork. The gang were cheering everytime he got a question right. There was 10 contestants, and 8 of them were out in 13 minutes. There was a bonus question, which is, "In 1738, eggs didn't exist. What did pigs eat before?" and Evan blurted out...

"TOOTHPASTE!!!" and what happened? He was right! The gang partied with joy. Evan got a ticket to New Pork, and on October 30th, they were on their way.

Chapter 1: Sweet Mother of God

Written from Kashy:

I gotta give this to Evan, this vacation is epic! We got to live in a hotel. By hotel, I mean a big ROOM! Sure, I keep hearing the cars honking and blaring, but it's better than get hit by lightning, hurricanes, and hail, and such. According to pig scientists, New Pork is the only state not to have storms and stuff, but I'm not sure, since pigs are stupid. I have to warm myself with my fire, because New Pork is so cold. There was bunk beds. I shared the bunk beds with Ryan. I chose the top one, because the bunk beds might fall and I won't be hurt. Ah.... I'm going to be sorry for Ryan if it actually falls.

Chapter 2: Windier and Colder!!!

Written from Tyler:

iTS GeTtIng CoLdR!!1!!! wAiT. LeT m3 gEt A CoaT ON.

Phew! It seems colder than usual. Like a sign of a hurricane is coming. Pfff... impossible! We went to a restaurant this morning, and boy, was it delicous! 2 pieces of bacon, 3 pieces of pancakes with butter and extra syrup, and a glass of juice! There's bacon, but I'm not sure how. I don't see pigs recenTly.. oH N0!1! WiND0wz Ar3 OPeN!

I'm hiding in my blankets, s-s-so c-c-cold... anyways... it's 4:38 PM, and it's already getting dark. I'll just stay under these comfy, soft, blankets.

Chapter 3: Another Storm, Why Am I Not Suprised?

Written from Daniel:

A storm started, and it started snowing. It was very cold to Everyone else, but i had hatched in Alaska due to my parent's trip around the world, so i was protected. I'm not surprised a storm started. Angry Birds island is still in the same place it was before the explosion. Draberka happened to have been a very stormy and miserable Island most times. it reminds me of New England, i've heard it's MISERABLE. New Hampshire is the worst, i bet!

Well, i better go see if i can help anyone else...

-Signing off, DEJ

Chapter 4: Flooding!

Written from Ryan:

I can't sleep, the storm is way too loud. I didn't want to want to wake anyone up, so I crept from my bottom bunk and pulled out my laptop. I tried to look up what's going on, but the network is out and it wouldn't connect. I looked out the window and saw that the street's actually FLOODING! Okay, I'm officially worried. I can't sleep, I'm getting worried, and it's stresssing me out. Then I went downstairs, and I got REALLY worried. Water came in through the lobby, don't ask me how, and now there's a thick stench of oil. Gasp! Someone help me! I'm too close, I can't get back up because water's leaking in through the window, and I think I'm gonna fall i- SPLASH!

Chapter 5: A letter from Pigram

Dear puny birds,

I thought you were going to forget to protect the eggs while going to New Pork, but NOOO! You just had to put a metal cage with a detector that just cuts a pig to pieces if they go a feet away from them. Right now Bacon is trying to cut it with a 2 foot chainsaw. Isn't that... nevermind, his helmet has a tiny dent. And that tiny dent makes him go crazy. Anyways, I hope you die in the hurricane, I heard it's called Hurricane Hoggy.

I hate you all and from,

PigramA print on my nose


Chapter 6: Seriously?

Written from Andrew:

Why do I always get the room that doesn't have a heater? It's so cold in here... Wait. What's this letter. 2 foot Chainsaw?!?! Oh my. I'll have it call Korb. He never goes far from the eggs. Cross my feathers and hope my phone still works.

Chapter 7: Okay, I Lied!

Written from Daniel:

you know how i said i was hatched in Alaska? i was, but my mom is a Floridian, and somehow that makes me very VERY sensitive to cold. SOOOO COLD! it's miserable, and i wish there was some kind of heat system here inside my body... THAT'S IT! MY NEXT INVENTION! tiny heaters that float in the air! anyway, it's snowing pretty hard. i'm going to check on Ryan. NOOO! MY ASVZFSDFDG COMSAFAPUTERN,GKFG! 

Chapter 8: WELLO!

Written from Eggboy:

Wello there. I'm on Da- Da's Tablet (i taken it) it's snowing outside. WAY!!! hmm, wat does dis do? Hey, what does this Red- that's not correct. STOP! WAAAA! It's some kind of changy thingy for words, how do i turn it off? dere we go. all gone! Hehehe. ope, here come mama! bye!

Chapter 9: No Way to Connect

Written from Muna:

Muna Here, i am alone with Eggboy, Perry Sol, and the rest, Eggboy found  Daniel's Tablet, and his way unto the wiki (heck knows how), and Daniel came in with his Laptop splattered in water. i can tell he didn't go to the pool from the junk in his feathers. "You would not beleive the trouble i had with my computer after all that!" he said. apparently he went to go check on Ryan only to find himself with a faceful of Water. how did that not affect- OH SWEET MOTHER OF ALL BIRDS! WATER IS PILED AGAINST THE WINDOW. oh wait, that was just a flatbed truck Driving By with a 2,000 gallon fish tank. nevermind!

Chapter 10: Danger Ahead!

Written from Lewis, using an Universal Contact Connecter Device.

Hello! Urm... So Dan, I might of *static* your lab a bit while trying to activate the UCCD. *static* Anyway, your Danger Activated Monitor Storm Detecter, which I think I *static*, says a super storm will come to New Pork. *static* It says the strength the storm is *long static*. Oh No, *static* connection *static* very *static* I think *static* turn *static* off. *static* SEE YA! *extremely long static*

Chapter 11: It's COMING!

Written From Evan: 

Ok, I Heard That The hurricane is coming but, it's not so shocking for me. anyways i'll be fine..., but i don't know about them so i'll help them out. Anyways,


Chapter 12: WELP ME!

Witten fwom Hammy:

Hwi! It me, Hammy! When I came wif Dada to Nu Pok, I twook my talky-typy-tingy wif! I woke up in mid of night because I make stinky, but when I wooked, Dada waz GWONE! I looked out da window and dere was dis weird white suff EVEWYWERE! Waz Dada in dere? Dere waz onwy one way two fwind out. I jwumped out of da window, and swid down da white stuff! It waz scawy! Den I spwashed into da water. I started fwoating away on my dippy! I twied to go bak but I cwan't swim! Now I don't know were I am! Welp me pwease! Waaaaaaa! Connection Failed.

Translation: Hi! It's me, Hamm! When I came with Dada to New Pork, I took my talky-typy-thingy with! I woke up in the middle of the night because I made a stinky, but when I looked, Dada was GONE! I looked out the window and there was this weird white stuff EVERYWHERE! Was Dada in there? There was only one way to find out. I jumped out of the window and slid down the white stuff. It was was scary! At the bottom I splashed into water. I started floating away on my diaper! I tried to go back but I can't swim, and now I don't know where I am! Help me please! Waaaaaaa! Connection Failed.

Chapter 13: Why Me?

Written from Tyler:

So, I have this little TV That works everywhere, and I decided to take it with me to the Bathroom, sinCe I NOrmAL-- OoPs, WinDoW! *closes window* So, I was watching How I Met Your Bird on my TV, And then the door opened , and the wind took my TV! The worst part was that Kashy and Evan saw me sitting in the Toilet. Talk about embarrasing! Anyway, the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind Issssssss reeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy strooooooooooooooooooooooooonggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!! *Flies away* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Chapter 14: Powers Acting Up!

Written From Evan:

Yeah, I Saw Ty in the Bathroom. It happened to me before. *goes on fire* GAAAAAHHHHHHH! *turns into pig* NOOOO! *turns invisible* AAAAHHHH! *turns into REAL form* NOOOOOOOOOO! *puts on yellow bird mask* There! Phew! not embarrased now! ok......*wind blows me into wall* OWW! *mask falls off* I'M HIDEOUS! NOOOOOOOO! *Locks door* Phew! *knock is heard on door* "ROOM SURVICE!" said the man behind the door. "DON'T COME IN! i yelled. *puts mask back on* *unlockes door* "Hello" 'i said, "Are You OKAY" Said the man, "Yes" I Said.

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