Something looks familiar about this baby ninja bird...

Muna was out taking a stroll around the village when a baby ninja bird jumped out at her and tried to attack her. Muna tried to escape, but the baby ninja bird jumped onto her back and wouldn't let go. "Help!" Muna called. "Ninja!" Daniel saw this and started to hop over to help Muna when she threw the baby ninja bird off her back and zapped it with her goggles. Then she hopped away. Daniel watched her, sadly. "That didn't work," he sighed. He looked back over at the charred baby ninja bird and rushed over. The baby ninja bird pulled off his suit. It was Ryan! He and Daniel had came up with a plan to get Muna to like Daniel by having Ryan dress up like a ninja bird and attack Muna, and then Daniel would step in and fake-kill the ninja. "Are you okay, Rye?" Daniel asked. "Yeah," replied Ryan. Sorry that didn't work out." Then he passed out. Daniel took Ryan home and tried to think of another idea, but couldn't. So he listened to some music to simulate his mind. Then he got an idea. An idea so good, it couldn't POSSIBLY fail!

What is Daniel's idea? Find out in part 3!

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