A serum has gotten into the wrong hands. What will the flock's future be?

Chapter 1


Mechanic drank the potion, and began transforming.

"Mechanic Pig! Get your butt over here!" King Pigram commanded. Tired, the Mechanic Pig came over, "Y-yes sir?" he said, weakly. "I found this purple potion-ma-lingy in the human world, and I wanna try it on you because you're the most trusted pig," King Pigram said. Confused and reluctantly, Mechanic Pig said, "Okay, but w-what is it? Looks like it's dangerous." "Don't care, it looks like it can toughen you up. Drink a sip of it," King Pigram told him, and gave Mechanic Pig the serum. "H-here goes nothing," he told himself, and drank a little bit. "S-sir? I don't feel good," he said. Proud, Pigram said, "That's the point, it's part of the transformation!" Mechanic Pig said his last words before transforming, "I can't feel anything..."

Chapter 2


A wild Mechanic Pig appeared!

It was almost night when Ryan returned to Daniel about an experiment. "Wow, Daniel was right, this hat is nice," he said, a few feet away from Daniel. Suddenly he heard a growl behind him. He looked around. Nothing. A couple disturbances later, he shouted, "ALRIGHT WHO ARE YOU!?" only to get frightened by a purple Mechanic Pig. "AH! WHO THE HECK ARE Y- oh, it's Mechanic Pig," he said. Mechanic Pig took his hat and ate it. When Mechanic Pig looked at Ryan, he started to chase him. "AAAHHH OH MY GOSH I NEED TO TELL DANIEL!" he screamed, and ran as quick as he can.

"DANIEL DANIEL DANIEL DANIEL-" "What, Ryan?" Daniel replied. "PURPLE... PIG! ATE THE HAT!" Ryan panted. "Purple weak pig? Where?" Daniel questioned. A few seconds later, he heard a CRASH!!! and saw Mechanic Pig. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" they both screamed.

Chapter 3


What are you things?

Daniel had turned on a switch, allowing to detect a pig and trap it with a laser trap. "Wow, nice, Daniel!" Ryan complimented. "Thanks. Now we need to call our friends," Daniel said. 2 minutes later, everyone arrived to Daniel's lab. Hamm went there, too. "Goo goo! Pink piggy!" Hamm said, hopping to Mechanic Pig. "Hamm, no!" Tyler said, grabbing Hamm. "I thought you were asleep. You can play with Harry while I'm busy," Tyler said to Hamm. "Okay, peopl- I mean birds, we've discovered that what made this ugly purple pig was a serum known as PX-41. We have a sample of it," Daniel said, holding a cup of the serum. Suddenly the room started to shake, only to make a portal entering minions into Daniel's Lab. "Poppadom!" one of the minions said. "This gets too weird," Tyler said, confused. "I can speak a little minion language," Ryan said, and started talking to the minions. "They said they know the formula to the antidote they said," Ryan talked to Daniel. "Cool, tell them what ingredients," Daniel replied. Ryan started talking to the minions again. 30 seconds later, Ryan said, "Okay, here are the ingredients..."

Chapter 4

"Looks like we're done here," Daniel said, putting the finishing touch. "Let's test it on -" CRASH!!!! the purple Mechanic Pig has escaped the laser trap, and walks closer to the birds. "Oh no! Hurry, he's gonna attack any second!" Lewis said. "Here goes nothing!" Daniel said, and dropped a bit of the antidote when the Mechanic Pig was about to attack. As he was going to transform to normal, the minions went back to it's own place.


Mechanic Pig was back to his own green skin."Urgh... where am I?!" Mechanic Pig asked. "In Daniel's lab. Listen, what was the last thing you remember?" Ryan asked Mechanic Pig. "Uh, I don't know... the purple potion thingy?" he replied. Just then, many growls began to be heard. "Oh no, this is gonna be bad..." Kashy said, worried.

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