Hey you, It's me, Matrix. Co-leader of Angry Birds Fanon Wiki. .......I wanted to talk about something that is quite amazing. ......My birth, and it's not like any other bird. ......It's pretty, shall I say, strange.

Chapter 1: Laying The Egg

It's December 2001, and my mom just layed my egg. Terrence and Noise were the only birds that hatched. Noise JUST hatched, and Terrence is about 2 years old. I was a normal bird, inside that egg. Until suddenly, in February of 2002, when Speeder just hatched, a mysterious electromagnetic bolt of some kind came shooting down into Earth's atmosphere and shot into MY EGG. It caused my hypnotizing powers to develop, and my glowing binary code on me to develop.

Chapter 2: Strange Sights

As I began to develop in my egg, my family noticed that my egg was glowing a light blue-ish color. Whenever I was inside my egg, I got sleep all night and day, but Boomerang, who just hatched in March of 2002, started poking at my egg a lot, and that woke me up whenever I was sleeping.

Chapter 3: Hatching

It's now April of 2002, and my family is gathering around my egg to watch me hatch. My egg starts to crack a little, and I chirp, while crying when I try to break out. Then my egg starts to crack more, and more, and MORE, until I finally get to come out. Whenever I hatched, the doctors come to inspect me for any diseases and make sure I get oxygen. Then, my mom and dad take me inside to comfort me, since I was crying so much. And by the way, whenever I hatched, my color was green instead of cyan because my colors weren't developed all the way.
Angry Birds Story Wiki Picture 7

Me, crying, when I hatched.

....So, that's it. A cute, short, and sweet story. And I never remembered this. It was my mom who told me about how I hatched. Have a nice day.


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