Master Ryan

Master Ryan is Ryan in the future. he wears a brown jacket and cape, because in the future, Brown symbolises dominion and wisdom, and works as a Disguise due to Angry Birds Island is Industrial now, and Most buildings are Brown. Master Ryan also uses a peice of technology salvaged from Daniel Labs after Daniel's death which allows him vanish into thin air, teleport, and time travel. He is Edmond's father, because Eggboy and Perry Sol mysteriously vanished, and Edmond was left with nobody, and Ryan found him.

Personal Data

  • Full Name: Ryan Jeffrey Redmond
  • Nicknames: Rye (Daniel and Tyler), Ryan-Brian (Kashy)
  • Affiliations: The Gang, Most good pigs.
  • Birthday: September 27


Due to being to Chancellor, Ryan is an official person, thought stil likes having fun like he did as a kid


  • Master Ryan was Ryan's nickname after Daniel's incident with the Dark Beast, because Ryan adopted some of Daniel's items as his own so they wouldn't be sold, such as Daniel's hat, and never let anyone see them, like a king would not let anyone see his gold.
  • Master Ryan's Cape from the Back View has the Johnson Family Logo, the Pentagon dots Strawdina has.
  • Master Ryan is seen holding Daniel's hat in part 3 of Angry Birds extinction, and hides it when he sees Strawben and Strawdina, Confirming Ryan's attatchment to the hat as the only item left untouched, due to Ryan's collection was found two months after Ryan collected the peices, and they were sold. Ryan said he gave the hat to Tyler, but he had hidden it in his Dresser inside a box covered by jackets.

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