"Shhhhh! Can you quit talking now? We must not alert the enemy!"

- Little Camp telling the Flock to stop talking.


Little Camp is a frequent character that was born as a "Jawa Bird" and helps the Flock on occasions when they're really stuck. He doesn't really have a name, so the birds call him Little Camp. It suits him by his clothes, as from the age of 2-4 (the birds can't really remember), he started wearing a hood to cover his identity from the pigs, as he was just then took as a prisoner. Similar to Baby Bacon, he was adopted instead of found. He is good friends with Bacon when Bacon grows up. He is wise and used to be the master fortune teller of Waza, making him close friends with Waza too. He is friends with Starry Ella too, helping her create new inventions. He only draws the structure of the invention as he is not as smart. He created robots of everyone in the gang, but failed. He used to be shy and rarely spoke. His power is to threaten evil pigs, but that is is not his his full potential. He is normal on power, as he uses the force to suck objects in like a magnet, then blast them out like a bomb. He has the ability to hack into pigs minds and move objects without touching them (using the force basically). He tends to be rude at times when someone opposes him. He used to be a double agent and gave false information to the pigs. He know lives with Flamro and Starry Ella, the birds who adopted him.


Powers: Sucking objects in and blasting them out again (main power)

First level appearance: Bonus 1-9

First story appearance: None...YET!

Gender: Before: Unknown, possibly Male | After: Male (confirmed)

Species: Jawa AKA Extraterrestrial Bird species (Made up species) | Swainson's Trush (actual species)

Strength: Normal

Birth Date: November 9th, 2000

Size: Normal-Small

Occupation: Angry Bird Frequent Character

Little Camp likes: Wisdom, victory and inventing

Little Camp loathes: Disrespect


Affliations: Spy club, The Flock, The Flock in space, Jawa plans, The Frequent Flock, Army Birds Yellow, Army Birds Red, Captain Birds.

Nickname: The Nocturnal Lab Partner.

Known Aliases: None

Family: Jawas

Birdsonality: Stealty, Ambush, Hidden, Dark and Light.

Languages: Mixed, Jawina, Hog, Spy code, Hypnopshychic, Birdwise.


  • He has night vision.
  • Only part of his body is shaded.
  • He has a dark secret that he can see the future and he will start to betray them.
  • His real name is Xavier (pronounced Saviour), although he's never revealed this.
  • His clothes blend in with the enviroment on Feather island like an Army Bird, making him a good spy Bird.
  • His techniques and stealth are pretty handy too.

How to draw Little Camp:

1. Draw a hood and color it brown.

2. Inside of the hood, draw eyes and color them yellow.

3. Draw a beak and color it in orange.

4. Color the rest of the inside hood black.

Optional: Draw a belt and a white belly. You do not have to do thos. It's all up to you on this.

You may cut out the picture you've drawn!

Rage Rating: 3 1/2 | 5

- By Blazefire(R)

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