"Why are you so blue? Get up and shine like you mean it gloomy!"

- Light Master trying to cheer everyone up.


Light Master is a easygoing, happy bird that only gets angry when part of his family is birdnapped, or when the eggs are stolen. He is a rare golden toucan that had problems coming out of Carer with Brocco, due to his long beak. He is quite clumsy like Hal in the original Angry Birds animations, and was sent to be a frequent character along with Carer because Carer had to look after him. Brocco, however, trained hard at every discipline and managed to get to be in the original Flock. Light Master doesn't get on with Brocco much, but likes to hear stories from Uncle Astro. His ability is to boomerang back in a straight line at the speed of light. His element is light similar to Flamro's fire element.


Powers: Boomeranging back at the speed of light.

First level appearance: 7-20 (actual level appearance) Any (If bought from the Birds Nest shop)

First story appearance: None...YET!

Gender: Male

Species: Yellow Grosbeak (actual species) | Long-Beaked Boomeranging Golden Toucanet (Made up species)

Strength: Medium

Birth Date: June/July (12:00) 30th, 2000

Size: Medium-Big

Occupation: Angry Bird Helper Character | Frequent Character

Light Master likes: Being happy and polishing his long beak

Light Master loathes: Being angry and making mistakes


Affilations: Toucans lounge, Charity Shops, Hup-pappy, The Flock, The Flock in space, The Frequent Flock.

Nickname: Happy Beaker

Known Aliases: Ricocheter, Mini-Center Pecks.

Family: Brocco (twin brother), Carer (mother), Uncle Astro (uncle).

Birdsonality: Easygoing, Catastrophic, Sharp-Beaked.

Languages: Prayer (all the birds speak it, but he's the best), English, Birdwise.


  • He is slightly bigger than Brocco, but hasn't noticed yet.
  • He has secrets, but they're all jolly!
  • He wants to be leader and suspects Flamro is a traitor.
  • He can play the banjo.
  • The birds thought he was a robot, because in his childhood, he hammered nails at where his childhood ring used to be. The birds also thought he was a Lightning type Ninjitsu Bird due to his name.

How to draw Light Master:

1. Draw the design of Hal. Draw his new design so there is no ring around his beak. (unless you are going to draw him young.

2. Color the pupil, eyebrow and feathers black.

3. Color the body and beak yellow.

You may cut out the picture you've drawn!

Rage Rating: 2 1/2 | 5

- By Blazefire(R)

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