Hamm, Ryan's Baby Piggy!


Hi! Lewis Here! I seem to have gotten myself into a heap of trouble here. let me explain.....

It all starts

Since those annoying pigs were causing a lot of mischief, Ryan left Me incharge of baby sitting Hamm. (Cause everyone was busy) That was an offer that I accepted. The only thing is, I don't know how to Baby-Sit a pig. (WHAT?! I thought it would be easy!) Turns out you have to do A LOT more than just watch it. You have to feed it, clean it, change its diapers, and hardest of all- make sure its happy and stays happy.

That was when I decided to play hide and seek with him. Big mistake. Boy, he can hide.

Note From The Writer

Dear Readers,

Hi, Lewis T. Glasses Bird here! This story is testing a new writing style for a new series, so please leave in the comments either a:

  •  :D if you like the style of this story

Or a

  • D:< if you don't like the style.

Or just leave a comment form and don't bother at all.

From Lewis.

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