When Lewis finds an egg, his life is turned upside down in this story about the introduction of the newest member to the Redmond and Franks family!

Chapter 1: The Egg!

"HEY DAN! LOOK AT THIS!" Yelled Lewis triumphantly. He was in the woods with Daniel and Ryan having a Remote Controlled plane flight session. "WHOA! LEWIS! LOOK OUT!" yelled Daniel. Just then, Lewis's plane crashed into a tree. Lewis went into the trees to collect the plane.

After receiving the plane, he went back. That was when he spotted a white object. He went to get it. Then, he realised what it was.

"DANIEL! RYAN! IT'S AN EGG!" Lewis yelled. He stared at it thoughtfully. "And I'll take care of it!" But before he could say anything else, Matilda the maid's voice was heard.

Chapter 2: The Important Message


Hamm's homemade painting

"DINNER IS SERVED!" yelled the maid of Redmond Manor. Daniel looked at Lewis with a smirk. "Race ya down!" said Daniel as he ran downstairs. Lewis hesitated, then used a force portal.

"Beat you." Lewis said, sat at the table near Ryan and Hamm. Daniel sat down next to Lewis. He was slightly annoyed at the force portal. Hamm was eager to see Lewis for some reason. "Hey Hamm." Lewis said, less perky than usual.

"Lew-Lew! Me Mwake pic of woo today!" Said Hamm, holding a painting of him and Lewis.

"Oh, cheers Hamm." Lewis said, taking the painting.

"Woo no look very happy Lew-Lew," Hamm said. "Woo no like it?"

"No, I do," said Lewis. "Something's just bothering me."

Hamm looked sad.

"Oh, boys! Tyler's coming round soon." Said Strawdina. Lewis felt worse.

After dinner, the boys were in the garden. Lewis had a message to give. "Y'know, once the egg hatches, I won't be able to adventure anymore." He nervously said. Tyler, Daniel and Ryan were all dissapointed by the news. But Tyler was cheerfuller than the others. The egg wouldn't hatch for a few months at least. Right?


Chapter 1: The Egg Hatches

A week later, Lewis was having dinner with Tyler's family in Uncle Jack's manor. That was when Porksworth, Uncle Jack's butler, came to the table with the phone. "It's for Lewis, your lordship." Porksworth said. Lewis picked up the phone.

"Hello....Oh Dan.....Oh...OH EAGLE! TYLER! IT'S HATCHING!" Yelled Lewis. He quickly used a force portal to Redmond Manor.

When Lewis and Tyler arrived, everyone was there. The egg started to crack. and then all of a sudden...

Chapter 2: The Name

There in front of them, was a small baby blue bird. "It's a boy. A BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY!" cried Lewis. It was an amazing scene. Even Terence was slightly emotional.

"So," Daniel said, "What are you gonna call him?" Daniel had a smile on his face. Evan was looking at the baby bird with Tom at his side.

"He will be called Lewis Redrick Redmond-Franks. Or Lewis Jr." Lewis declared. "Evan, you are his godfather." Evan looked at Lewis with half shock-half happiness. Tyler was suddenly filled with dread. The birth had arrived, that meant NO MORE ADVENTURES! ...Or so he thought.


Epilogue: They Grow Up So Fast.....

Lewis Jr

Lewis Jr

Six days later, as Lewis Jr crawled through the house exploring, he stumbled across an open lab door. He entered the lab and saw a clear potion on the table. It had a label on it. LJ turned to crawl out the door when he accidentally bumped the table, spilling the serum all over himself. When he came out, he was ready for adventuring, the potion had turned him into a toddler..

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