Lewis Redmond-Franks (Full name: Lewis Strawben Redmond-Franks) is a friendly bird that lives with the Gang on Angry Birds Island. He is Daniel and Ryan's cousin and is also Tyler's adopted brother.

Lewis The Glasses Bird2
Lewis Strawben Redmond-Franks


Imagination, Great Sight, Jedi Powers (Lewis Skywalker), Pig Abilites, Master Of Spinjitzu




Blue Goggle Bird


Angry Birds Island


Normally Weak, Sometimes Strong


Tall (For His Species)


Cute Things, Like Hamm's Pig Eyes Power


Lewis is a friendly bird, who tries his best to make friends with the others. He also loves a good laugh, explaining why he can be a little bit mischievous at times. Also, he rarely gets angry and can be slightly sarcastic at times. He shares characteristics with a pig due to his adoptive parent Fred. He is terrible with science of Daniel's level, but is good at inventing and creating wacky creations. He likes explosions as part of his pigness, as well his curiousity. His pig side is described as "chaoticly creative". He is very eccentric, and is vey easily distracted. 


Born To Red Redmond And His Wife Ruby on October 8th 2000, Lewis was a bird well liked amongst his flock. He Would usually be seen around Dan's Older Brother Terence, Lewis' older cousin. Though weeks after his birth, the pigs had heard of the remaining three eggs and were determinded to steal the eggs. Red, Terence and the other flock members fought the pigs in a battle that scarred Terence for life. In all the chaos, Fred found Lewis and decided to take care of the crying bird. The survivors of the attack, Red and Terence were sad that Lewis was gone, but Red knew Lewis was safe and that Lewis would soon be reunited with the birds. While Red was comforting Terence, Lewis was growing up with Carl. Since at that point Lewis didn't know his origins, He never was truly happy.

Around the time of his 11th birthday, Lewis crashed in the village and met the birds, fastly making friends with many birds. He especially liked Evan, Ryan, Daniel and Tyler.On his 12th birthday, Lewis was put in the care of Tyler's family by Fred. Fred said that it was best for Lewis to be with birds, so Carl and Lewis keep in touch. Also, Lewis is now aware of his origins. But he still wants to know why his father didn't go looking for him, as it makes Lewis feel neglected.

While living Tyler and Daniel, Lewis met a bird called Zoey. He also adopted a son.


  • Invulnerability: Due to growing up with Freckled Pig, Lewis has an invulnerability to most things.
  • Extreme Accuraccy: Inherited from his father, Lewis has an extreme accuracy, and can also speed up a little.​  

Lewis Skywalker

For Lewis Skywalker Go to Star Wars Characters.


"OH COME ON!!!"-His Infamous Catchphase.



"Well, that went well"

"Oh, wasn't expecting that."



"What have I done! What the heck have I done!" - When he crashes or explodes something.

"For goodness sake, just pass it here."

As Lewis Skywalker:

"Hello, fellow Jedi." - When greeting Jedi.

"I'll Drive."



"You know what, forget this. Let's just blow 'em up!" - when surrounded by stormtrooper pigs.




  • Because of the Pigs, Lewis really needs his Goggles as they help him to see better.
  • Lewis has a secret power, but even he doesn't know about it!
  • Lewis loves sweets, and once had some sweets taken away from him!
  • Lewis is a good artist.
  • Lewis is secretly a good singer.
  • Even though the main Redmond's are American, Lewis is british due to his mum being From England.
  • On 3rd June 2013, Lewis officially became a main character. He joined the main trio, making them a quartet. Or the "Four Fantastic Friends" as Lewis calls them.
  • Lewis is an athiest, like Redrick. Him and his father are the only two athiests in the Redmond family.
  • Lewis has a desire to fit in, as he was an outcast for most of his childhood.

In Game

In the original game, Lewis is seen with the power of locking onto pigs and speeding up.

In Angry Birds Star Wars, Lewis Skywalker undergoes many updates.

  • 1: He has no power.
  • 2: Lightsaber is added.
  • 3: After lightsaber, normal hit power is made. also his robes are black.
  • 4: Force portal is added at end.
  • 5: Lewis can be a guardian, where golden blast with gold lightsaber is added, along with a stronger portal.

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