70036 Sarlacc Attack Box Art

The Box Art For The Set.

70036 Sarlacc Death is a LEGO Angry Birds Star Wars set.

Product Discription

Daniel's One-Seated Podcar came upon a Sarlacc pit. Now Hanging in the Tentacles of the Sarlacc, Senator Daniel can only hope Somebody can save him...

Sarlacc Death

The Whole Set



Senator Daniel- Alternate Face

Daniel's Dual-Sided Face


  • Daniel's Minifigure in this set. one side shows Daniel's happy, Benevolent face, while the other displays the terror of his own personal fate.
  • The Sarlacc is almost the exact same as the one from LEGO Star Wars Desert Skiff, only with studs on the Tentacles for Minifigures.
  • Daniel's Podcar can be used as a weapon... if Daniel can use the force on it, that is!


  • This is the ONLY lego set where Daniel's life (or death) is in the hands of the Builder.
  • This lego set doesn't refer to Daniel's death, but rather to the SARLACC'S death when Daniel kills it with his podcar. 
  • In the lego games, Daniel nearly does get eaten by the sarlacc when it dies. it lets go of him, and he manages to catch himself on the entrance to the throat, and climb out. in the Lego Mini Movie "Life or Death", however, Daniel catches himself on the MOUTH of the Sarlacc, and flips out unto the sand.
  • It is an unlock-able mission in the video games. There are 2 ways to unlock the mission. One is to use the code in the instruction booklet. The other way is to use Lewis Skywalker (Temple Of Light) and find enough super bricks to build the time portal, then you need to find enough studs to purchase the mission for 1,000,000,000 studs. After the mission, you unlock Daniel Redmond (Sentator).

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