this is a description of Chapter 6 of Star Wars Episode 7 from Lego ABSW: The Video Game, the scene on Mustafar


(Daniel is on Mustafar with Ryan, when a strangely sinister-looking Tyler knocks Ryan to the pavement and takes his ightsaber. Daniel asks Tyler what he's doing.)


Tyler: oh, i don't know, just THIS!

(Tyler jumps on Daniel, only to be thrown off, but landing on his feet.)

(Lightsaber battle begins, and Game starts when Daniel runs through a door)

(after you get to the cliff section, a second Cutscene starts, slightly lampooning the battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin, but at the end, Tyler turns out to be a fake Tyler, and not the real guy.)

Daniel: well, that makes me less sad to put you DOWN!

(Daniel tackles the fake Tyler, who is the same guy Daniel battled on Kamino to escape the Demon Sith Facility, a Demon Sith named Spanner. boss battle starts)

(after you win the Boss Battle, new Cutscene starts)

Daniel: so Spanner, i see you survived the Jedi's attack on Mustafar.

Spanner: of course i did! i am a Captain, and Captains are- AGH!

(Daniel cuts Spanner in half before he finishes his sentence, leaving only his lightsaber)

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