Laura is a Female bomb bird with a Superpower that Is Very strong ,She Can Explode Really Strong,so Strong That She Could Cause the City Of Los Angelas To Be Blown Up! She Can Also Explode Fire Balls! She's a crow, instead of an Antillean Bullfinch, although she's looks like one e.g: Kashy.

She Had A First Design That Was In 2001 And A Design Now ,Here's A Picture Comparison. October 16,2009 - April 1,2012 April 2,2012 - Present
Larua The Bomb Bird Now
Larua The Bomb Bird Old Design

Now Here Is Her Corpse Right Now!

Laura The Bomb Bird's Corpse

She Makes A Very Angry Sound When She Is Launched Like CE-CAW!, And here's A Picture Of Her Face When Launched!

Laura The Bomb Bird When Launched

She Is In Angry Birds Space To! Here's A Picture of Her Space Sprite!

Laura The Bomb Bird's Space Sprite

In March... A Special Edition Of Laura From STAR WARS! Coming April 1st,2013! On April Fools Day!
Laura The Bomb Bird
Laura The Bomb Bird's Space Sprite.png
General Info
Powers Super Explosions (Supernova)
First Level Appearance: None Yet
First Story Appearance: None Yet
Gender: Male
Species: Super Bomb Bird
Strength: Super Strong
Birth Date: {{{birth date}}}

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