Note: The birds haven't started the fight against the pigs yet.

All the birds were lying on the sand enjoying the sun. They saw something speeding by very fast. It looked green. They went closer to it. The next time it came around, Daniel jumped on it. It was a Pig! A weird looking one. The pig looked at the eggs in Tyler's hand then sprinted toward him and stole the eggs. All the birds screamed! Robbie went after the pig but quickly fell behind. The birds went back to their hut to make a plan to get the eggs back. They thinked for 20 minutes, then Michael thought of buying a slingshot so they could sling themselves at the pigs. The pig did not agree with the competition and said that they would have to make it harder for the birds. They thought for another hour, then Daniel thought of a great idea. The pigs would have wood, stone, and ice to protect them. Now, they needed to find the pig.

The search begins in Part 2.