King Pig 2

King Pigram

King Pigram is the lazy King of Pig City and the whole island. He is a major character in most stories.


Childish and overweight, King Pigram is a lazy pig who will often throw tantrums if his plans go wrong. Pigram is also greedy, hence why he needs the eggs. He often boasts about himself due to his well pampering 


  • King Pigram's first name is Arnold, though he likes calling himself Smooth Cheeks. 
  • He was the disruptor of the peace, after ordering an attack on all found eggs.
  • He owns all of the island, though he doesn't realise it.
  • PIgram speaks in Piggish, a language of broken english. Often saying sentences like: "I wants eggs."
  • He is not truely evil, just mischevious.