Kancri's Helpers are 12 blue birds from Time Travel Birdies that look out for pigs in bird towns and captures them.They all have different personalities.

The Many, Many, Personalities In A Nutshell

1.(Plank) The first helper appears very loyal, to the third one.

2.(Taov) He wants to be leader, and takes over, but is usually scolded by Kancri for doing so.

3.(Keer) He hates the first one, but likes the second one

4.(Stance) He, along with the fifth and sixth, likes stacking up like normal blue birds.

5.(Stacre) He, along with the forth and sixth, likes stacking up like normal blue birds.

6.(Stanel) He, along with the fifth and forth, likes stacking up like normal blue birds.

7.(Ruffle) He uses the net to capture pigs, but usually stacks up on the forth, fifth, and sixth to get high enough, although he hates stacking.

8.(Sturse) He likes studying pigs, and unlike other birds, wants to study curses, and has started the legend a year after the events of Time Travel Birdies.

9.(Nerdy) He wears glasses and is considered a nerd, but hates learning.

10.(Blane) He normally speaks as if he's excited, angry, or any other emotion, but always has a blank face.

11.(Haet) Hates pictures and the 12th helper.

12.(Click) Loves pictures and one time, took a picture of all twelve stacked up together.


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