Welcome to Piggy Island, home to a group of rare birds. These birds dream of living peacefully and rearing the next generation of their species. Unfortunately, they are not the only creatures on the island. A kingdom of egg-obsessed inhabits the other half of Piggy island. The pigs are ruled by the greedy and tyrannical King Pigram who is intent on stealing the Birds three, precious eggs. With an army of Minion, Corporal and Foreman "Boss" Pigs on their trail, no wonder the Birds are very, very ANGRY!

Note: Daniel has left some of his old, red newsboy caps around the wiki. See if you can find them, and, if you do, tell an Admin or people who know the wiki well such as on the list below for a special reward!

People you can tell:

  • Daniel T. Goggle Bird AKA Jeksith337
  • Lewis Franks-Redmond AKA BlueZapWikier
  • Ryan T. Yellow Bird AKA That awesome Bubble-Gum Bird (Not username)
  • Tyler Franks AKA Tyler G. Franks (Admin)
  • Kashy Bomber

and the newest Admin on the wiki...

  • MATRIX! AKA SpongeTechX

By Blazefire(R)

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