The whirring in the back stopped.. and out popped Trony.
Tron Goggle Bird

Tronbot 3000 (AKA Trony)

the Pig Gaurds came towards Icey. Trony Jumped Towards the Pigs and Killed both Gaurds. Icey Hadn't known Daniel had invented Trony, so Icey Asked, "Who Are you?" Trony Looked at icey and Said "Tronbot 3000 at your Service!" Icey Got an Idea... he peaked in back, and there was Equipment Galore! no Wonder Daniel hid a Robot in the back of Rio Skydiver! Icey brought the things that Stood out most, A Chain Saw, and a Flamethrower! Icey Caused Havoc that Night, and when he Flew back home, Daniel had Just finished Testing the Pig-Bubble Concept on Phil. Daniel looked at Icey and Said "Who Are You?!" for behold, he was no longer a Blue Goggle Bird, he was an Ice Bird! "What Do you Mean?" Icey Said "it's me, Icey!' now Daniel got the Concept, and a Con! Daniel Looked around for a Second, then Fake-cried. he said "Where Is it?! oh i left it on the Moon!" "Left What?" Icey Asked. "My Modgulator 680, i need it to finish a suprise for you!" Icey got in the Spaceship to go get it. and launched, Daniel held the Remote close "Sucker!" Daniel said. as soon as the Rocket laned on the Moon and Icey got out, The Rocket Launched Agian! Icey finally got the REAL Reason Daniel sent him to the Moon, to Get Rid of him!(Icey Never knew the Real Reason) down on Earth Daniel, said, See you on the 22nd!

The End!

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