How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb is the Third Album by the Golden Slumbers.

Golden Slumbers - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
The Album Artwork

Album Number:


Number of Songs:



Rock, Blues Rock, Rock Pop


76 Minutes (An Hour an 16 Minutes)


July 1st, 2,013


The third album by the GS, It's composed by many great songs that start calmy, and end up in a hard solo by Evan and Daniel, (November Rain, Stairway to Heaven), some others wich feature small acapellas for Tyler (Gimme Shelter) as well as other wich, without Ryan, Kashy or Lewis, would just not be the same.


  • Stairway to Heaven, 8:02
  • Sweet Bird Of Mine, 5:16
  • Welcome to Pig Island, 4:35
  • God Gave Rock n' Roll To You, 4:56
  • Vertigo, 3:31
  • Pig (Looks Like a Birdie), 4:12
  • Smoke on the Water, 4:52
  • Smells Like Bird Spirit, 5:07
  • In Bloom, 4:46
  • November Rain, 8:57
  • Final Countdown, 5:13
  • Gimme Shelter, 4:32

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