Expanded Harry

Harry Inflated.

Carla was trying to teach Harry how to hop (Instead of crawling, baby birds scoot) while Tyler was at Daniel's house. It took a few tries, but eventually, Harry could hop around without even needing help from his mother! Carla was pleased. Then her phone rang. It was Tyler. Carla tried to hear what Tyler was saying, but Harry was giggling too hard. Harry was too young to be told to be quiet, so Carla went downstairs for a minute. Harry waited untill a bird as young as him couldn't wait any longer, and decided to go and find his mother. He started hopping after where he has seen her go, and began bouncing down the hallway. He didn't notice the stairs ahead of him, and fell down. Carla heard Harry scream. "Just a second, I heard Harry scream," Carla told Tyler and rushed over just in time to see Harry land square on his head and inflated. Carla quickly deflated him, picked him up, and checked his head. Harry was crying hard, but he didn't have a dent in him! And that's how Carla discovered that Harry is immune to small impacts.

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