Carla wasn't home and she left Tyler and Harry home. "I feel lonely," Tyler said. "Well I got you, Harry.. but you Just WON'T hatch! I'll go over to Ryan's. He and Daniel are always there."

And sure enough (becuase this is a cartoon), they where. "Oh, hello Tyler," Daniel greeted his friend. Tyler put Harry on Ryan's bed, and they went outside to play some soccer. Then Ryan saw something playing in the bushes. "Hey, what's that, Dan?" he said. "I don't know. Let's go see." So they all hopped over to find a baby bird! "Oh! Look at that!" said Tyler, cooing. "It's so cute, who is he?" said Ryan. "I do not know, but what I do know is that he looks exactly like you, Ty," Daniel said "Wait....... Harry!" Tyler said, running back to Ryan's room carrying the baby bird. There was an empty egg shell sitting on the bed. "Hmmm..." Tyler thought. He held the tiny chick next to the egg shell, being careful not to let it touch the sharp edges. The chick reached out and grabbed a piece with its long beak, then put it on his head like a hat. "Yep, that's his egg alright," said Daniel. "Harry hatched!" cheered Ryan, patting Tyler on the back.

Harry had Finally Hatched.




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