Harold the Helmet Pig
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Kind of Bird/Pig

Helmet Pig


George the Blue Bird,Daniel,Andrew,Carl,Evan and Kashy.


King Pigram(former boss),Ryan(annoying,keeps popping him),Other Bad Piggies,and anyone who throws a lemon meringue pie at him.



Eye colour




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Harold was the chief commander of King Pigram's army. He is a Chief Corporal pig making him in charge of Corporal pigs and Minion pigs. Unlike other pigs, he only plays pranks on the birds, but won't steal their eggs due to a promise he made. He annoys every bird, even Tyler with his pranks. Sometimes, when he goes too far, the birds prank him back. He was the one who thought of giving the pigs a Facebook account.

And later he discovered that by putting 8s in between smiley emoticons, he could make piggy emoticons. His snout also has an ability to smell things from a distance. With that, he could know where the eggs where. He was the reason the pigs actually FOUND the eggs in the first place. But he doesn't direct pigs to them anymore.

Recently, he found out that he had a new power, which was telekenisis, which just makes it more fun for him to play pranks. He also uses it to keep pigs away from birds. He now lives at his log cabin. His user account is here.

Harold HATES Ryan T. Yellow Bird ,and someday WILL kill him and take over the pig army.

More coming soon!

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