Hambo is a kind general Pig, like Bacon, he didn't appear in any stories yet, but he may soon. H

Hambo's Appearence

e was a Pig general, and like Bacon, he soon found out that King Pigram was always attempting to get the 3 eggs, after learning that, Bacon him, and a few other Pigs left King Pigram's forces and joined the Angry Birds as Guards protecting the eggs, He is friends with Daniel, Tyler, Lewis, and Ryan, And he's great friends with Frostbite since he saved him from a fighter plane crash during the Cold War, a war between Ice Birds and Pigs, the Ice Birds were protecting the Eggsteroids, and the Grand Eggsteroid, while the Pigs were fighting for it to take a chunk of the Grand Eggsteroid anylize it and put it in the Copy Machine 9000 to create billions of Eggsteroids for King Pigram to eat, but the Ice Birds won the war so they can't make billions of Eggstroids by a chunk of the Grand Eggstroid.


  • He along with Bacon were named after KingRighteous's second favorite Angry Birds related game, "Hambo"

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