Grenade Sleuthwings

Grenade Sleuthwings are known for their splatter-like markings on their body. As the name suggests, Grenade Sleuthwings explode on impact. They are most known to swoop down on unsuspecting intruders. this species of Sleuthwing was mostly seen gaurding  King Vander and King Aruthar. It was later revealed that the Explosion a Grenade Sleuthwing creates is actually a 2-second personal portal which can potentially kill any type of bird near it. A Grenade Sleuthwing is considered one of the most dangerous sleuthwings.


  • Poison: No
  • Radar: Yes
  • Hunting Ability: Powerful and  Accurate
  • Fear: Extremely feared by most Medieval and Modern Birds
  • Fight:Extreme Fighting Skill

​Known Members

  • Sampson
  • Slasher
  • Random Grenade Sleuthwing