Little Baby Goldie

"RYAN! RYAN!" Chuck and Puffy screamed. Ryan, on his favorite chair, woke up with a start. "What is it?" he asked. "It's Anne!" said Chuck. "Something's wrong with her!" Ryan ran into the puffle care room. He looked at Anne Yellow's bed. She was quivering under her blanket. Ryan lifted it up. "Anne," he said. "Are you okay?" "Yes," replied Anne wearilly. "It's just-" she froze. "AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!" she screamed. Ryan panicked. He picked Anne up gentally, wrapped her in her blanket, and ran out the door, being careful not to shake poor Anne too much. He burst through the doors of the hospital and shouted, "EMERGANCY!" A doctor ran over. He gased when he saw Anne. He took her from Ryan and carried her into a room. Ryan waited in the waiting room with fear. 10 minutes later, the doctor came into the waiting room. Ryan braced himself for the worst, but instead the doctor said, "Follow me." Ryan hesitantly followed the doctor into Anne's hospital room. Anne was sitting on the bed. "Anne," Ryan said. "Are you okay?" Anne smiled. "Never better," she replied, moving aside. There was a tiny yellow baby puffle next to her. Ryan's eyes lit up. Anne had a daughter! "Ryan, meet Goldie," Anne said. Ryan picked up Goldie and gently stroked her. Goldie closed her eyes and smiled.

The End.

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