Ghosts just gotta dance is from Ghosts just gotta dance. it was written by Disney, and Golden Slumbers also plays it on Angry Birds island for their album. stars Danielle Dance and Rojo ruckus.

The Song:

Rojo Ruckus: night falls on a spooky scene, deck the icy halls of black and green! as the shadows rise here on Angry isle, from the darkness there's a distant-

Sound effect: (SCREAM!)

Rojo Ruckus: WHOA! that sounds like it's getting closer, drums are gettin' louder, bass is gettin' lower. as the shadows spin, you'll be joinin' in, but first you gotta find the key....

Golden Slumbers and Rojo Ruckus: Who knows what is behind that door? creepng up on the floor!

(Door opens and Danielle Dance appears as a shadow, then turns into a ghost, and Daniel Screams and falls off stage as a theatric stunt, amd both bands pause for a second)

Tyler: that had to hurt!

(Daniel appears to be gone, along with his guitar)

Clover: weird.

(Danielle Dance throws a packet unto the Ground, And Daniel reappears onstage without his hat, but only his Orange Goggles, playing his Red electric Guitar.)

Danielle Dance: We're not here to freak you out, we just came to shake it down.

oh oh oh oh oh Flip up your hands! the ghosts just gotta Dance! give you chills, and Party WITH you!

(Rojo Ruckus turns into ghosts)

Rojo Ruckus: there music seepin' out of every room, follow the noises down inside the gloom

(Golden slumbers and Rojo ruckus repeat line 4)

(Danielle Dance repeats her line)

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