Wassaaaap! Tyler here. Since my Tyler And Lewis: Partners In Time Story wasn't such a hit, I will create another saga of two (<---- Sad, Ain't it) about Lewis, Daniel, Ryan and I hunting ghosts and saving the town! Don't worry, it doesn't have any disturbing content at all. So... Let's begin!
''Ghostbusters'' Theme Song04:04

''Ghostbusters'' Theme Song

The Theme Song, with the Logo on the Background

(P.S. This takes place in the year 2,026)

Chapter 1: The Start

In an office that is in the middle of the whole Angry Birds Island University Tyler sits in a brown chair, while teaching a class. "So... What we can see in this--" Said Tyler, but was interrupted with a door opening alone, and slaming itself shut. "Ooooooh! Careful guys, a Ghost!" Said A Girl "You shouldn't joke with that. He could get you" Joked Tyler "Haha, Nice One Proffesor. Do you believe in them? Ghosts?" Asked another boy. "Well.. Some weird things have happened to me, so I'd take that as a possible yes" Said Tyler. A Boy called Rob passed a note to a girl called Amanda. Amanda read the note That Proff. Is a crazy one, Ain't he? Said the Note. Amanda looked at Rob, and nodded affirmatively. "We should tell the Principal" Whispered Rob. Amanda nodded again. The bell ran "Well, class over" Said Tyler.

He went out, and grabbed a cup of coffee. Ryan passed by. "Rough class?" He asked "No.. But a weird thing happened" Replied Tyler sipping his coffee. "Lemme guess.. A door opened and shut itself?" Asked Ryan, sharing a smile. Tyler's eyes opened wide "How'd ya know?" He asked. "Happened in my class along with Daniel's" Ryan said looking to the ceiling. "Hmm. Weird" Said Tyler. The Principal arrived "Mr. Franks, Mr. Redmond I'll meet you in my office. Oh, Mr. Redmond.. bring your brother" Said The Principal "All right Mr. Murray" They both replied.

Chapter 2: Terminated

Daniel, Ryan and Tyler sat in their office, and the Principal arrived. "So, some students 'been telling me you told 'em about ghosts, the three of you" Said The Principal. The Trio looked at each other "You told 'em too?" They said to each other. "It don't matter who said who! Yer Fired!" Yelled the Principal. "WHAT?!" They exclaimed. "We ain't teaching no Ghost Garbage in 'ere!" The Principal yelled. "We didn't teach nothing about 'em ghosts!" Said Daniel "Why do we keep talkin' in slang?!" exclaimed Ryan. "I don't know!" Tyler said back. "Be quiet!" the principal said. the trio were very sure about the existence of Ghosts. Why? Because in case you don't remember, 15 Years ago, All three of them visited Birdwarts for the first time, and met Ghosts. That's why. Anyway... "Listen, You! -Said the Principal pointing at Daniel- Are a Teacher. And You -He pointed Ryan- Are a teacher too! And guess what you are?!" He said, pointing at Tyler. "Erm.. An Orange Bird?" asked Tyler. "A TEACHERRR!!! YOU'RE FIREDDD! GET OUT OF MY BUILDING NOWWW!" He exclaimed. The Trio turned to walk out of the building. "Oh by the way," the principal said. "Ryan, I'll need your professor glasses." "NOINEEDTOWHERETHEM!" Ryan shouted as he zoomed out.

Chapter 3: First Investigation

And So, Tyler and Ryan sat outside the University, still drinking their same coffee, now as cold as the north pole. "That's bad. Really Bad.. We're fired now" Said Ryan "Yes, but now we could focus more on studying those ghosts and paranormal activity!" Said Tyler, very optimistic. "I know you're trying to be optimistic, Ty... But where else are we gonna find Ghosts?" Asked Ryan. Tyler felt something tickling in his pocket "Hehehehe.." He laughed "Is that your phone?" Asked Ryan "Oh, Right! it is!" Said Tyler. Ryan sighed and chuckled as Tyler answered the phone "Tyler here, who there?" He asked. Tyler's eyes opened wide. "Seriously!? Where!? All right we'll be right there, see ya!" He said, and hung up "Who, What, Where?" Asked Ryan. "Daniel, Ghost, Library" Said Tyler "OOH OOH OOH! LET'S GO!" Said Ryan. They quickly ran to the Library. Daniel was sitting in a bench, with a lady laying on a table. "Whoa, what happened?" Asked Ryan. "She saw a Ghost, and tried to get her" Said Daniel. "Is she serious?" Asked Tyler "Pretty Much, Yeah. Her heart beats are very fast, and she's sweating a lot" Said Daniel "Are we gonna go and investigate the Library?" Asked Ryan. "We are." Said Daniel "Let's go then" Said Tyler.

They entered the Library. Daniel pulled out a weird machine. "Huumm... What's that?" Asked Ryan "Paranormal Activity Searcher, or simply: a Ghost Detector" Said Daniel. "Cool...." Said Tyler. The Machine beeped, and suddenly it beeped faster, and faster.. "What do those beeps mean?" Asked Tyler. "The closer a Ghost is, the faster this beeps" Said Daniel "Hmm.. All right" Replied Tyler. They kept walking, and saw a gigantic pile of books stacked. "Look" Said Daniel "Right, books are stacked" Said Tyler "No, It's Ju--" Daniel was interrupted by a shelf falling to the ground "Woah..." Said Ryan. They kept walking, and Tyler saw a weird, mucus-looking stuff. "Eeeew.. Somebody blew their beak pretty hard in here" He said "What?" Said Ryan and looked around. "Whoa! Ectoplasmic Residue! Tyler.. grab a sample of this! Me and Ryan will keep going" Said Daniel, tossing Tyler a little scientific tube. "Ugh... All right..." Grunted Tyler. He put the sample and followed Daniel and Ryan. "I got it, Dan" Said Tyler, still looking at the sample. "Uh... Tyler..." Said Daniel. "What?" Said Tyler. He looked up, and there was a grey, full body ghost, as creepy as a bowl of cereal with no milk.

"All right... What's the plan?" Tyler asked "Let's make contact with her. Talk to her. Who wants to do the honors?" Daniel replied. Ryan didn't say anything, nor did Tyler. "All right, I'll go" Said Daniel. Daniel stepped forward facing the ghost. "Uhmm... Hello?" He said. The Ghost did nothing. "Heeellooooo" The Ghost did nothing again. Daniel went back with Ty and Ry. "Nothing?" Asked Ryan "Nothing" Replied Daniel.

"Ok. I have a better plan" Said Ryan. "What Is It?" Asked Daniel "Just follow me" He replied as he walked towards the ghost. "GET HER!!!!" He shouted, and ran towards it. The Ghost turned around and screamed back at them "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" They all screamed as they ran out of the Library.

Chapter 4: Ghostbusters Inc.

They quickly ran out of the Building "That was your plan?! Get Her?!" Said Tyler. "Sorry... I thought it would work" Said Ryan. "It's all right." Said Daniel. Tyler looked down, and his eyes opened wide. "What are you thinking, Ty?" Asked Daniel. "We should start or own Business! Busting Ghosts and saving the city!" Said Tyler. Daniel and Ryan looked at each other. "Eh, All right" They said.

And so they gathered enough money, hired a secretary called Janine Meltz, and started looking for a big building for the facility, and ended up in an old Fire House. "Hmm.. I like this place" Said Daniel "It only needs some remodelation" Said Ryan. "Yes, it does" Said the saleswoman. "Wait, where's Tyler? We lost him again!" Said Daniel. Tyler slipped from a tube, or those things firemen use to slide (You know what I mean). "This place is awesome! How much for it?!" Asked Tyler "It would be 800,000 Dollars" Said the Saleswoman "Hmmm.. a Bit expensive, but-- "We'll take it!" Tyler interrupted Daniel. He wrote a check and gave it to the Saleswoman "Go, go, go! It's ours now!" Said Tyler. Daniel and Ryan laughed. "Bye Mrs. Saleswoman!" Said Ryan. "We should stay here tonight.. you know, to check it out" Suggested Daniel "Good idea" Said Ryan.

The next day, Tyler woke up to see Daniel and Ryan dissappeared. "Hmm.. where could they be?" He asked himself, and went to the First floor. "Nothing..." He thought. He went to the Garage. "Surprise!" Said Daniel and Ryan. "Since you payed for the building, we made some stuff that will help us Bust Ghosts!" Said Ryan. Daniel pulled out three weird looking backpacks. "What IS that?" Asked Tyler "Proton Packs, it counters the negative energy wich ghosts are made of with a Proton Steam wich can harness Ghosts, and then we use this -Said Daniel as he pulled out another weird looking box- Ghost Traps!" "Awesome!" Said Tyler. "And This.." Said Ryan as he opened the Garage door revealing a 1,959 Cadillac Miller, painted all white and red. "...Is our car, I call it the Ecto-1!" Said Ryan. "Sweeeet!" Said Tyler

Chapter 5: Fried Bacon

Tyler got a call from Janine. "Yes, Janine?" He asked "Uh, really? Who is it you say? No.. I don't seem to know anyo-- wait a min" He said as he covered the phone "Do any of you guys know anyone called Hermione Granger?" He asked. Daniel and Ryan looked seriously at him. "What? Wha-- OH! Hermione!!!" He said. Daniel sighed "Why, Yes Janine I know her. All right, tell her to come in" Said Tyler "Seriously, Ty?" Chuckled Ryan "Oh, Shut it..." Said Tyler and left. Ryan laughed again.

"Hey, Hermione!" Said Tyler "Tyler, Tyler help!" She said "what Is It?" He asked, "Listen.." She said "I was entering the house with some fresh new Bacon, when it suddenly jumped out of the box and fried itself on the Table!" "What!?" Asked Tyler "Oh, and that's not all!" She continued, "Then I heard a voice coming from the Fridge saying Zuul, Zuul, and When I opened the fridge, I saw a purple castle and the voice was louder!" She Said. "Wow, Mind If I go investigate?" Asked Tyler. "Not at all, come!" She said.

They entered the house, and then the Kitchen. Tyler saw the Fresh Bacon "Is this the Bacon?" He asked "Yes, it is" Said Hermione "Interesting.." He said as he pointed a Paranormal Activity Detector on it. "Wanna check the fridge?" Said Hermione "Good call. I WILL Check the fridge" Said Tyler as he moved to the fridge. He slowly opened it... "Oh... My God..." He said "What is it, What!?" Asked Hermione. He opened it completely "Look at all that Junk Food!" He said "Oh, Tyler!" She said "Well it's true, you seriously eat this?" He asked "Tyler! What did you find?" She asked. "Oh, oh. Nothing. No paranormal activity at all" He said. "mmmmh.." Said Hermione. "All right, I have to go, y'know, Ghost busting!" Tyler said in a slightly cocky voice. "Oh, yeah? How many Ghosts have you caught?" She asked. "Uhmm.. Zero.." He said "Then you're not yet a Ghostbuster, cocky boy" She said "But--" "Go to work, Ty.. y'know, Ghost Busting!" She mocked Tyler and pushed him to the door, almost closing it in his face "Wait!" He said "What?" Asked Hermione. "No goodbye Kiss?" He asked. "All right.." Hermione rapidly kissed him and closed the door.

Chapter 6: Sedgewick Hotel

Tyler instantly told them what happened at Hermione's. "I guess I'll investigate what Zuul Means" Said Daniel "All right, well I'm hungry!" Said Ryan "Pizza?" Asked Tyler "Nah..." Denied Ryan "Mexican?" "Nahh..." "Chinese?!" "Yeah!" Said Ryan.

And so the food arrived and they started to eat. "You know, I would like to get more stuff for the business, with our remaining money" Said Tyler. Daniel swallowed and pointed at the Chinese Food. "This food here, represents our remaining money" He said. Downstairs, Janine, the secretary got a call, and answered, "Hello? Yes, this is the Ghostbu-- Well, what do you mean? Of course we're real. All right. All right they'll be there". She hung up, coughed, and shouted, "WE GOT OOOOOOOOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" As she turned on the Alarm. "Hey, what's that?" Asked Tyler upon hearing the alarm "I don't know, what is it, Dan?" Ryan asked "I don't know eith-- Wait... It's the Alarm! We got a client!!! Boys, go suit up, grab your proton backpacks, some Ghost traps and then meet me at Janine's office!" Said Daniel "Let's goooooooooooooo!!!!" Screamed Tyler as he slided down the tube. They suited up, grabbed their backpacks and went to Janine's office. "Where is it they need us, Janine?" Asked Daniel "At the Sedgewick Hotel, on 2--" "I know where that is, Thanks. Let's go Booooooys!" Daniel interrupted as he got into the Ecto-1 with Tyler and Ryan and drove to the hotel.

They entered the hotel. "No need to worry, the Ghostbusters are here!" Said Tyler. The Manager instantly walked to them "Thank you for coming, thank you!" He said. "No worries, where's the Ghost?" Asked Daniel "On the Seventh Floor Corridor...." Said the Manager "All right, let's go!" Said Ryan as they ran to the elevator. A Fat guy looked at them "And what the heck are you supposed to be? Exterminators?" He asked "Cockroach Exterminators" Said Tyler "Well either that's a big Cockroach, or you're just plain stupid to catch it with one guy" He said "Shut up, Fattie.." Said Daniel as they entered the elevator

More Soon!

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