Frostbite singing

And so Frostbite came to stay with the Johnson Birds. They marveled at how cute and polite he was, but Strawdina and Blacky started getting annoyed. Frostbite kept accidentally freezing the floor and turning the house into a skating rink. Andy, Anna, Alvin, Daniel, and Ryan on the other hand loved it- especially Ryan, who was a master figure skater. Strawdina and Blacky did their best to keep from showing their annoyance, but Frostbite could tell he was driving them insane. At nights he slept outside (because of the cold). Ryan could see Frostbite in the yard from his window. One night, he heard singing. He looked outside and saw Frostbite. Ryan had no idea what song this was, but he knew it was beautiful. The next morning, they took Frostbite to an adoption center to try and find him a family. Tons of Ice Birds came in, but none of them were sure they wanted Frostbite. Then, one day, that all changed, because of a Poison Ripper Dragon-Bird.

What?! Part 4 soon!

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