Frostbite-No Eyepatch

Get away from them!

What no one realized is that those silly Lazer birds missed an ice bird, who was still watching. as he saw they were about to attack the Ryan and Daniel, he jumped out to the Rescue. "Get away from them!" he shouted. The leader of the Wild Lazer Birds lunged at the ice bird and zapped him in the face! The ice bird was unharmed, but ow very, very, angry and managed to freeze the leader, which panicked the rest who quickly flew away quickly. he looked at Daniel and Ryan, and said "are you okay?" "Yes, thank you" the two birds replied. But as they flew back toward Earth, they heard the ice bird begining to cry. "What's wrong?" Daniel asked. the Ice Bird told them that the Lazer Birds had devoured his entire family and no longer had a home or a parent. Daniel looked at Ryan, who was a little bit Teary-eyed. Daniel said that the ice bird would be accepted with great passion. "What's your name?" Ryan asked. "Frostbite," replied the Ice Bird.

will Frostbite become accepted like Daniel promised? find out in part 3!

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