Baby Ice Bird

A poor baby Ice Bird, seconds before being devoured.

Ryan and Daniel where in space on a top-secret mission to... Never mind. It's called "Top-Secret" for a reason. Anyway, they saw planet Cold Cuts, which was now looking way different then usual. The Ice Birds had been working hard on building their homes, schools, hospitals, ext. Then they heard a mighty roar. A bunch of them, actually. Daniel and Ryan turned to see a bunch of Lazer Birds shooting towards them. The Lazer Birds attacked the poor Ice Birds and began devouring every one in sight! "CANNABIRDS!" shouted Ryan. "Why are they doing that?!" "They're wild," explained Daniel. "Wild Lazer Birds like to feed on Ice Birds," "Gross," replied Ryan. Then they saw a poor female Ice Bird, despretally trying to escape the Wild Lazer Birds. But she wasn't quick enough, and they caught up with her and devoured her. "Mama!'" cried a small voice. It was her newborn child. The baby Ice Bird burst into tears. Ryan flew over to comfort the crying baby Ice Bird, but right at that moment, the Wild Lazer Birds charged at them! Daniel pulled Ryan back as the Wild Lazer Birds sunk there jaws into the crying baby Ice Bird, and ate her in several bites. Now the Wild Lazer Birds had eaten every Ice Bird on the planet. Then they turned to Ryan and Daniel and licked their chops. Daniel looked over at Ryan awkwardly. "Would this be a bad time to tell you that Space Birds aren't filling to them?" he asked. "Yeah, kinda," replied Ryan, and they quickly flew off.

Will Daniel and Ryan escape? Find out in part 2 of Frostbite's Life Story!

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