The fourth installment of the Birdwarts Stories is here! Enjoy! Signed, T.G.F.

Chapter 1: The Riddle House

Our Story begins in a House, an Old Wiz-Bird's house. He lived next to an abandoned, empty and old house. But this time he saw lights in there, and heard voices. He went out of his house and entered this other house. He slowly went upstairs... He saw a Bird he had once seen in the Daily Prophet, It was Peter Pettigrew -One of Birdemort's oldest servants, who had been hiding for YEARS- "Pettigrew.." He thought. Then he saw another Bird, but only in the back, Talking, but Not to Pettigrew, but to a Strange creature sitting in a couch. "Lord.. If we catch him.. Will you be able to come back to life.." The Strange Bird asked. "Yes.. I will be able.." Said the other bird sitting in the couch "Sir, it appears we have visits." Said Pettigrew, looking at the Old Bird. "Do Not Worry, Peter.. Nagini.. Attack!" Said the Bird on the couch and a Snake attacked the Old Bird and died.

Chapter 2: The Feeling and the Invitation

It all appeared to be Tyler's dreams, and he woke up in the Weasley's house, where he spent the night. Tyler panted and Woke Ron up "Wha-Wha-What!?" Said Ron "I-- uh.. I had a dream.. a terrible dream" Said Tyler "Well, you aren't the one who dreamt with That Basilisk forcing you to tap dance, are ya?" Said Ron "No, but this time I had a feeling.. a bad feeling." Said Tyler "What feeling?" Asked Ron "A feeling that the Last time I had, Birdemort was at Birdwarts" Said Tyler. "Oh No.." Said Ron.

They went downstairs to have Breakfast. And Ron talked about the Quidditch World cup finals. "Say, Ty. Will your mum give you permission to go?" Asked Mr. Weasley. "Who else is coming?" Asked Tyler "I think the gang, you know, Lewis, Dan, Kash, Herm and all of the others." Said Ron "Ok, Then. Just send her a letter" Said Ty. "Why don't you send it?" Asked Mrs. Weasley "Well, she's still kinda mad with me for last year's escape." Said Tyler "Ugh, That Woman" Said Mrs. Weasley "Yes -Said Tyler- Now, think of it. All my family is weird look at Mom! At my Uncle Jack!" Said Tyler "Didn't you forgive your uncle Jack?" Asked Ron. "Yeah, but he's still In Azkab-- Wait a minute! What date is today?" Asked Tyler "Ugh, June 13th" Said Ron "My Uncle Jack got out on June 9th!" Said Tyler "Mrs. Weasley! Have you finished the letter yet?" Asked Tyler "No, I haven't even started it!" Said Mrs. Weasley "Ok, Then send it to my Uncle Jack, I'm sure he'll give me permission" Said Tyler, and Mrs. Weasley wrote the letter.

Two days later, Tyler received a letter from Jack saying he had permission to go. Tyler was really excited and ready to go to the Quidditch World Cup.

Chapter 3: The Portkey

Mr. Weasley woke up the boys early at 6:00 AM On June 14th and told them to hurry up and leave "Why So early, Dad!?" Asked George "I know the finals are in 1 day, but there's gonna be a lot of people and we better hurry up" Said Mr. Weasley. "Ok, then.. Let's go" They all said. They walked to a forest and joined Mr. Weasley's friend, Amos Diggory and his Son, Cedric, a Hufflepuff in his fifth year. "Hey" Said Cedric "Hey" Said Ron and Tyler "We have arrived!" Said Amos. Tyler looked and he only saw an old boot. "An old boot!?" Asked Tyler "Oh, That's a Portkey. Teleports you to another Portkey" Said Cedric. "Ok then" Said Tyler "Everybody, grab the boot" Said Mr. Weasley. They all grabbed it and.. ZOOOM! They appeared at a stadium, with a Lot of tents around. "Wow" Said Tyler, and Joined Daniel and Ryan. "Ok, follow me" Said Mr. Weasley arriving to a tent. and counted the whole family and the guests "Amos, Cedric, Tyler, Ron, Daniel, Ryan, Molly, Ginny, Fred, George and I.. 11.." We'll stay in this tent today "Is this guy kidding?" Asked Daniel "Yeah.. a little tent for eleven people" Said Ryan and entered the tent. They then saw a gigantic house inside, with stairs and plenty of rooms "WOW!" They all said "How did you do this?" Asked Ryan "Hehe, A simple Inside-Expanding spell. Easy-Wheezy." Said Mr. Weasley. They then went to bed.

Chapter 4: The Quidditch World Cup

They woke up ready for the finals. "I can't believe that Russia and Spain made it to the Finals!" Said Hermione "I know!" Said Daniel. They went to their seats and talked a lot "I think Russia's gonna win" Said Ron, then the whole gang looked at him. "Are you serious?" Said Tyler "Yeah, they have the Best Seeker in the world, Viktor Krum!" Said Ron "No, the best seeker plays in the England team, and his name is Ludo Bagman!" Said Hermione "Whatever, think what you want, But Russia is gonna win!" Said Ron. "Whatever" Said Ryan.

Guess who won? Spain, Obviously

They then went back to their Tent and Fred and George were teasing Ron "Hey, Ronnie.. Did your boyfriend Viktor Krum do anything in this match?!" Said George "Leave me alone!" Said Ron "Oh, Viktor I love you so much!" Said Fred joking, and they all laughed, but then a loud boom was heard from outside the Tent "Stay here, boys. I'll go see what's going on" Said Mr. Weasley "Oh, Mr. Weasley, I think it's just Spain having a party!" Said Lewis "I don't think so.. Everyone out the tent, run!" Mr. Weasley said. They all went outside just in time to see the Tent burst in flames. "What the Bird is going on!?" Asked Ryan "Death Eaters!" Said Kashy "Death What?!" Asked Evan "Birdemort's followers! They always wear black hoods!" They then saw a cloud in form of a Skull, that opened it's mouth, and then a snake came out of it. "That's the Dark Mark!" Said Hermione "What's that!" Asked Tyler "They do this everytime Birdemort's back!" She said "No way..." They said "Shut Up and Run!" Said Ron. they all ran away and they ran into Draco Malfoy. "Haha.. Better keep the Mudblood safe.." He said, and then Ran away "That.. " Said Hermione. "Don't worry, Run!" Said Tyler. They were rounded by Death Eaters now, but they knew what to do "Expelliarmus!" Said Tyler and disarmed one of them "Confringo!" Shouted Ryan and exploded many men. "Flipendo!" Said Daniel and send the Death eaters flying away. They then ran into Mr. Weasley and Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge. "They did it, It was them!" Said Fudge "No, We weren't" Said Daniel "They couldn't have done it!" Said Arthur. "You sure? If they were powerful enough to defeat the Basilisk and You-Know-Who, They could have been powerful enought to do this!" Said Fudge "Oh, Fudge.. Kids, go to the Portkey and back home" Said Mr. Weasley "Ok" The boys said.

Chapter 5: Aboard the Birdwarts Express

They then go back Home and Tyler tells them all his dream "Do you realize how weird this all is?" Asked Hermione "What?" Asked Tyler "Your dream, the feeling you had, and now the Dark Mark.." Said Hermione "But, do you know who that other Bird was?" Asked Ryan "I only saw Birdemort in that couch.. Pettigrew, and I don't know who the other Bird is" Said Tyler.

They go have breakfast, and hear Mrs. Weasley talking to Amos Diggory via Floo Network "Did you hear about Alastor's Attack?" Amos Asked "Alastor?" Asked Mrs. Weasley. "Yes, He's an ex-Auror" Amos said "Oh, That Alastor! Yeah, the attack was pretty bad.. They attacked his house.. Well, gotta go, see ya" Said Mrs. Weasley and gave the Boys breakfast

When Mr and Mrs Weasley go leave the boys at the Birdwarts Express, and they hear Mr and Mrs. Weasley talk about "An exciting event happening this year at Birdwarts", and they asked themselves what it is.

Chapter 6: The Tri-Wizard Tournament

They arrive at Birdwarts to the opening ceremony and the house placing. Dumbledore then says his typical speech about respect and all that stuff. Ron looks out the Window and sees the lake. But when he looks closely, a Ship came from underwater. "What the Bloody Heck..?" He asked himself. He then looked to another side, and saw a Carriage being pulled by Flying Horses "What the heck is going on!?" He asked himself again.

"And another announcement -Dumbledore was saying- Birdwarts will this year host.. The Tri-Wizard Tournament!" Dumbledore said "The Tri-Wizard Tournament!" Said Evan. "For those who don't know.. The Tri-Wizard Tournament is a series of events by young Wizards and Witches from three different schools and the Winner is the Champion of the whole tournament!" Said Dumbledore "And now.. we will meet our friends from Durmstrang School of Witchcraft, from Russia!" Said Dumbledore "So that's the ship I saw!" Said Ron "And, Our Friends from Beux-Batóns School of Wizard Girls, from France!" Said Dumbledore "Aaaand that's the Carriage.." Said Ron again. "Now - Said Dumbledore - The Goblet of Fire!" He said pulling out of a white Blanket a Grey, Big Goblet with Purple, Blue and Green Flames "Wow!" Said Daniel. "This is the Goblet of fire.. If anyone wishes to participate in the Tournament, just put a piece of paper with your name on The Goblet and, Who knows? You might get chosen. But consider this.. If you enter the Tournament, you'll be alone.. With no help.. by yourself. That's why we decided to make the Tournament only for Fifth, Sixth and Seventh year students only." Said Dumbledore "Boo! That Sucks!" Said Ron "Ronald, Behave!" Said Hermione "Ok, Mom!" Said Ron, angry. "Man, I wanted to be in that Tournament" Said Kashy.

Chapter 7: Moody and The Unforgivable Curses

The next take D.A.D.A. Class with their new proffesor, Alastor Moody. "This year.. You'll be learning real Magic. Not that Trash that that Stutterer taught you On first and second year, Or those "Lessons" Lockhart gave you." Said Moody "Wow, Now I know I don't wanna mess with this dude!" Said Tyler. "Uh-huh" Said Daniel sitting next to him. "Today's lesson: The Unforgivable Curses" Said Moody "What?" Said Ryan "The Minister does not aprove of this lesson, But I think you need to know what you are facing!" Said Moody. "Now.. Anyone now an Unforgivable curse?" Asked Moody. Ron slowly raised his hand. "T-There's the Cruciatus Curse, Sir.." Said Ron "That's right, the Torture Curse!" Said Moody. He created a spider with Arania Exumai, and then enlarged it with Engorgio so ervyone coud see "Crucio!" He said, and the spider cried. "Stop it.." Said Hermione but no one could hear it. Neville, remembering his parents were killed with that spell, didn't feel good and shouted "Stop It!" Moody wasn't paying attention "Huh.. What? Oh, Yeah.. That was the Cruciatus Curse" Said Moody "Any other unforgivable Curse?" He asked "There's the Imperius Curse... Sir" Said Kashy, "Yes.. The Total Control Curse.. I could make this spider jump out of the Window.. Drown It, Perhaps? Or... Throw It At someone!" Said Moody, putting the spider in Ron's beak. Malfoy laughed "What are you laughing about?" Said Moody, putting the spider on Malfoy's beak "Agh, get it off, get it off!!" Shouted Malfoy "Good -Said Moody putting the Spider back on his desk- Now.. The final Unforgivable.. The Killing Curse.. Avada Kedavra!" Said Moody and killed the Spider. Neville felt like vomiting, and Hermione almost cried.

Chapter 8: Draco and Daniel's Hat

Daniel opened his bab and took out a brown object... HIS HAT! "You brought your hat?" Ryan asked as Daniel put it on. "You don't think Dumbledore will mind, do you?" Daniel asked. "No, but i think DRACO could use it against you." Ryan said, for Draco had his eye on Daniel's hat. Tyler grabbed it and hid it. Daniel looked at Draco with a mix of malice, thoughtfulness, and HUGE caution. Draco Teleported Daniel's hat to hat to him, and blew a Raspberry. Daniel's irises turned blood-red with anger. Ryan immediattely told Daniel to go back to his dorm,and Daniel didn't even argue. Sighs of relief came from both Ryan and Tyler as Daniel's eyes turned blue again.

Chapter 9: Beux-Batóns and Durmstrang

Later at Dinner, Dumbledore says to his students that they will now finally meet the other schools. "Now, Durmstrang School of Witchcraft!" Said Dumbledore. The door opened and A Big Brother Bird, wearing a hat and using a big wand entered, followed by 30 Students wearing Red Robes and casting Green Sparks, doing Stunts and all that. "Look, Viktor Krum!" Said Ron "Your Love studies in that school? Huh!" Said Tyler. Dumbledore then greeted the Headmaster, Igor Karkaroff and said "Now, Our Friends from Beux-Batons Academy of Magic for Girls!" Now, a Big, Big Woman (Even taller than Hagrid) entered the Great Hall, followed by some Girls who created Butterflies out of their bare hands. "I heard in that school, you don't use wands! You only use your hands!" Said Hermione "Neat" Said Ryan.

Chapter 10: The Goblet Of Fire

The next day, Dumbledore announces that The Goblet of Fire will be in the old un-used Divination class (Where the gang found the Mirror of Erised on their second year) and that to make sure that nobody younger than 17 will be able to put his name on it, He creates an Age-Line for the Age of 17 (Only students older than seventeen can pass it) around the Goblet.

When the location is known, The gang decides to go there and see who puts their name on it. First arrive Fred and George, very happy "What are you so happy about?" Asked Daniel "We'll put our names in the Goblet!" Said George "Good luck with that, you're fifteen years old!" Said Daniel "Yes, but we're drinking ageing Potion and turn into 18 years old! Hahahah!" Said Fred "My brothers are idiots" Said Ron "mm-hm" Said Ryan "Ready George?" Asked Fred "Ready, Fred!" Said George, and they drank the Potion. "Now let's put our names!" Said George "You're never fooling someone like Dumbledore" Said Hermione "That's why we use potion and he doesn't" Said Fred. They enterd the line and just as they were about to put their names, The Line sent them out flying away, for everyone's amusement. They now had grey beards like Dumbledore. "And that's what could happen, haha!" Said Hermione. "It's your fault, I told you not to do it!" Said George "No, It's your fault!" Said Fred, and they started to fight. Viktor Krum then entered, and he quietly put his name on The Goblet "Ron, Are You Drooling?" Asked Lewis "No!" Said Ron "Of course..." Said Lewis

Chapter 11: The Four Champions

Two weeks later, Dumbledore says it's time to announce the Three Champions/Competitors for the Tournament.

"Silence, everyone!" Said Dumbledore "We will now reveal the Champions with the Goblet of Fire" He said again, Putting his hand on the Goblet, and taking a piece of paper out "The Beux-Batons champion is... Fleur Delacour! Come here, please, Mrs. Delacour!" "Fleur! That's that beautiful girl I met yesterday!" Said Ron "Great, now you're in Love with Fleur and Viktor!" Said Tyler "Shut Up Tyler!" Said Ron and they all laughed. Fleur stood up and went with Dumbledore, who put his hand on the Goblet again "Now, The Durmstrang Champion is Viktor Krum!" Said Dumbledore "Ron, Your Prayers were heard in heaven, Viktor is the Champion!" Said Daniel, but this time Ron didn't answer. "And at last... The Birdwarts champion is.. Cedric Diggory, from Hufflepuff!" Said Dumbledore. Cedric got up and walked to Dumbledore. "These are the three champions for this year's tournament!" Said Dumbledore, but he was interrupted by The Goblet having a small explosion, and tossing another paper in the air. Dumbledore slowly grabbed the paper and read it "..T-Tyler Franks.. TYLER FRANKS!?" He shouted "What!?" Said Tyler "Tyler Franks, Come Here Right Now!" Said Dumbledore. Tyler slowly walked to Dumbledore, trying to ignore Slytherins' comments like "Cheater" or "Tyler Sucks, such a cheater". He joined Dumbledore, Crouch and the three other champions in his office. "Tell Me, Franks.. Did you put your name in the Goblet?!" Shouted Dumbledore "No Sir!" Said Tyler "Did You Ask Someone to put it in there for you?!" Asked Dumbledore "No, Sir!" Said Tyler. Moody entered "Perhaps, Somebody put his name under the name of a fourth not-existant school to make sure he got chosen" Said Moody. "That might be true, Alastor. What do you say, Barty?" Asked Dumbledore to Crouch "Well. The Rules are the rules. The Goblet has the decision. He will compete." Said Crouch. Viktor, Fleur and Cedric stood amazed, while Tyler almost peed himself.

Tyler went back to the Common room, but on the way ALL the Slytherins (Except Evan), Ravenclaws (Except Kashy) and Hufflepuffs stormed him. He finally entered the room. "Nice Work. You didn't tell me how you put your name in there" Said Ron "I didn't put my name!" Said Tyler "Yeah, Sure. "Friend"" Said Ron "What are you mad at me for something that didn't happen?!" Said Tyler "Yes It happened, you just don't wann tell me" Said Ron and left. "Don't worry, we believe you" Said Daniel "Yeah, We do" Said Ryan. "I'm worried. Crouch said the first task is on September 2nd" Said Tyler "And you don't have a clue about what's gonna happen" Said Daniel "Exactly" Said Tyler "Don't worry, We'll help you figure out what it is" Said Hermione.

Chapter 12: The Dragons

Tyler was sitting with Daniel and Ryan near the lake, throwing rocks, when Hermione appeared. "Uh, Tyler?" She said "Yes, Hermione?" Asked Tyler "Ugh... Ron says that Kashy told him.. that Evan told him that Lewis told him that Hagrid.. wants to see you" Said Hermione "What?" Said Tyler. Hermione approached Ron who was spying them and Tyler saw her speaking to him. "Ron says.. Ugh, Don't make me say it again.. Hagrid wants to see you" Said Hermione. "Ok" Said Tyler and went to Hagrid's house. "Hiya There. Tyler!" Said Hagrid "Hi Hagrid!" Said Tyler and they started to walk into the forest "Wait A Minute.. Hagrid, is that a Rose you have there.. and.. Did you comb your hair?" Asked Tyler "Uh-- y-Yeah Eh.. hehe" Said Hagrid "You're not going out, are you?" He asked "No.. Well.. No. Oh, you see.. The Beux-Batons headmaster, Madame Maxime, she invited me to Dinner here in the forest" Said Hagrid "And you brought me here as a spy or something?" Said Tyler "No, I want you to see that" Said Hagird pointing four cages with Dragons and two birds taking care of them "So, Dumbledore agreed the first task will be Dragons?" Said the guard "Yup" Replied the other one. "Dragons" Sait Tyler "Yes, and if-- Go, go! Here comes Maxime!" Said Hagrid "Ok, Bye, Thanks, See You, Bye Bye, And all that stuff!" Said Tyler and left.

He met Daniel, Ryan, and Hermione. "Dragons! It's the first task!" Said Tyler "What!?" Said Ryan "Dragons are hard" Said Hermione. "I know, but I gotta tell Cedric. He's one of the only ones outside Gryffindor who hasn't bothered me" Said Tyler, and left to tell Cedric.

He then went to Moody's office to ask for advice on what to do. When he entered, Moody wasn't there., But he saw a Big, Grey Chest. "Wonder what's in there" Said Tyler, and a scream came out of the box and it jumped. Tyler ran out of the Office scared.

Chapter 13: The First Task

The Day Arrived, And Cedric, Viktor, Fleur and Tyler went to The Champions' tent to get ready and get the Instructions from Dumbledore. Tyler saw an Old Newspaper in Dumbledore's table, and read it.

September 16, 1,978. Igor Karkaroff Is Free From Custody at Azkaban. Reason? He Gave The Minister Names of The Death Eaters--

Tyler couldn't finish reading, but he learned that Igor Was a Death Eater (The Name Of Birdemort's Followers). Dumbledore Arrived with a black bag on his hand. "All Right Champions, Form a circle around here" Said Dumbledore and they all formed the Circle. "Put Your Hand In Tis bag Mrs. Delacour, and pull something out" Said Dumbledore again. Fleur put her hand, and pulled out a green Little Dragon "A Green Schobask. Now, Mr. Krum" Dumbledore said and Krum put his hand and pulled out a Red Dragon "The Red Dragon. Now Mr. Diggory" Said Dumbledore and It was Cedric's turn. He pulled a yellow one "That's a Mexican Clesho" Said Dumbledore, and then It was Tyler's turn. He pulled an Orange one "Hungarian Horntail" Said Tyler "Yes. Now, This Dragons represent the Real Dragons you'll be fighting on the Arena. These Dragons are guarding a Golden Egg wich you can't pass to the second task without. Your objective is simple: Get the Golden Egg. Now, Mr. Diggory, You'll go first, when the Cannon Sounds" Said Dumbledore, and BOOM! Sounded the Cannon. He went out and 30 Mins. later he was back with his egg, the same to Krum and Fleur. It was now Tyler's turn. He went out and saw his Dragon there. He also saw the Egg, but he quickly ran because the Dragon almost hit him with His Tail. He jumped to a rock, then to another, and another, But The Dragon caught him in a Rock, and spit fire all around him, leaving Tyler with nowhere to go "Go Tyler!" Screamed his Friends as well as Cedric and other Gryffindors. He didn't know any spell to escape, so he called his Broom "Accio Nimbus 2,004!" He said, and the Broom appeared next to him. He escaped the stadium and flied all around Birdwarts with the Dragon behind him. He then managed to go back to the Stadium and quickly grabbed his egg. Once this happened, the Guards appeared and locked the Dragon again. This was The First Task.

Chapter 14: The Next Task

"What the... oh, no!" "What's wrong, Tyler?" Ryan asked. "The golden egg... The one I just got. It's gone. "Ah, yes, you're quite right, Tyler," said Dumbledore. "It has been stolen from you. You must retrieve it." "Huh?" said Tyler. "The second task has begun," Dumbledore explained. "You will search to retrieve the egg... in the Black Lake... without any spells! You'll actually have to get down in it." Ryan suddenly felt nauseous. "Wow," said Daniel. "That sounds hard, but I bet you can do it." Tyler looked down at himself. "Yeah, but my poor feathers will never be the same."

Later that day, the four competitors plunged into the dark waters of the Black Lake. They had one hour to find their stolen items. "You will have one hour to find your stuff," Dumbledore had explained. Tyler carefully searched around the lake. Then he saw it. No, not the egg, but gillyweed! Tyler smiled. He quickly ate the seaweed. Gills appeared on his face. Gillyweed was a special seaweed that gave who ever ate it gills. Now able to swim faster, Tyler continued searching. He followed the stream to the nearby village. But when he floated back up to the surface of the water, he saw Daniel and Ryan, asleep and tied to a pole, surrounded by a ring of fire. The villagers around them were chanting. "NOOOO!" Tyler screamed, hopping ashore and running towards the crowd. He pushed through the villagers and jumped. Using his sharp beak, he quickly cut the ropes, grabbed his friends, and ran off. "This looks like a spell was cast on them," he thought. He returned to were the competition had started. He finished last. "It was a test," Dumbledore explained. "We put your friends to sleep and tied them there to see what you'd do. We did something similar to the other competitors. Your friends weren't in real danger. However, you did show good friendship. Oh, and here's your egg." He handed it back to Tyler. The Second Task was over.

Chapter 15: The Monster Hat

McGonaggall called the students to the Table, and told them there was gonna be a Yule Ball, with Partners. Tyler, Daniel and Ryan weren't upset, since they knew they were gonna go with Shar, Muna and Autumn, respectevily. Ron Was, since he secretly had a crush on Hermione.

Later at Potions Class Ron kept telling Tyler how upset he was because Krum asked Hermione to the Dance, and she accepted. They then went out and prepared for the Ball.

Before that, Daniel was looking for his hat, but couldn't find it "Where the Heck Is That Thing!?" He asked "Your Hat?" Asked Ryan "Yes! I put it in my Cabinet this morning, and now it dissapeared!" Daniel said angrily. Both brothers went out to see Draco holding Daniel's hat "Draco! Put that down, You Filthy Piece of Garbage!" Shouted Daniel "I'll put it down, of course -Said Draco- But, When I put it down, i gotta do another thing with it" "What!?" Asked Daniel "This!" Said Draco. He pointed his wand at the Hat, and with an unidentified spell, he turned it into a monster. The Monster pursuited them both through the Empty Halls of the Eight floor, that was basically only the Gryffindor Tower Entrance. That's It.

The Yule Ball arrived, And Muna and Autumn were sitting, waiting for Dan and Rye. "Don't you know where they are?" Asked Shar "No, Can't find Ryan" Said Autumn "And I can't find Daniel" Said Muna. Tyler arrived and told Shar the Ball was going to begin and that him, along with the other four champions were gonna begin the ball with their couples. The Ball started, Tyler and Shar, Cedric and Cho Chang, Krum and Hermione and Fleur with a Ravenclaw Student (Could it be you, Kashy?). "Is That Krum with Hermione?" Asked Evan "Of Course It Isn't" Said Ron, angrily.

As Soon at the Ball began, Tyler quickly ran with Moody (who he was starting to get close to) and Looked for Rye and Dan. Somehow it popped in their mind to search at the Gryffindor Tower. They entered and saw The Hat pursuiting the Brothers, and Draco laughing cruelly. "IMMOBULUS!" Shouted Moody and paralized the Hat "Finite Incantatem!" He said, and the hat turned normal. "Draco tried to Run "Not So Fast, You Little... Levicorpus!" Draco was lifted by his tail and brought to Moody's feet. "Now, what were you doing?" Said Moody. Draco slowly pulled his wand without anyone watching "Expelliarmus Maxima!" He said. Now they all knew the Expelliarmus spell, to disarm just one person, but Expelliarmus Maxima disarmed everybody in the room. Draco got up and Ran for his life. Daniel quickly got his wand and tried to shoot Draco with the painfulest spell he was able to do. "Compared to Draco's spells, That Is Useless" Said Ryan "What Do You Mean?" Said Tyler "I Know. He's been doing some difficult magic now.. That Monster spell he used on the Hat.. That Maxima version of Expelliarmus.. Where's he learning all this?" Daniel said "I have no Idea." Said Moody.

Chapter 16: The Pensieve

The gang was walking through the Forest, to attend Magic Creatures Care class with Hagrid, when -Believe it or not- They saw a Dead Bird just laying there. "WOW!" They all said, except Hermione "That's Barty Crouch!" Is what she said "Barty Crouch?! The Minister of Magic!" Said Tyler, and left (just him) To tell Dumbledore.

He arrived and saw Dumbledore waiting for him in his office next to a thingy that looked like a Fountain. "Proffesor! Barty--" "Is dead" Said Dumbledore. "This, My Student, Is a Pensieve. Allows you to see other people's memories. I want you to see one in Special" Said Dumbledore "Who's?" Asked Tyler "Mine. It was a long time ago" Said Dumbledore. He put his wand in his hand, waited for 3 seconds, and pulled out a memory, that looked like water. He put the memory on the Pensieve and said "Tyler. Put your head in there" "Ok, Proffesor" Said Tyler and did I.

The Memory Began.....

It looked like the Ministry of Magic. Where they judge Azkaban Prisioners to see if they can go free. "That's where they Judged My Uncle Jack.. right?" Tyler thought. Dumbledore was sitting there "Proffesor!" He said but no one heard him. The guards appeared with a Prisioner. "Igor Karkaroff! The Durmstrang Headmaster!" Thought Tyler. Barty Crouch started to talk "Igor Karkaroff. You are asking for freedom in exchange of giving us the names of some Death Eaters, right?" Crouch asked "Yes, Sir" Karkaroff then gave a lot of names. "Those people are dead" Said Crouch "Guards, take him back to Azkaban!" Crouch said "No, Wait.. There's still somebody..." Said Igor "Who?" Asked Crouch "Barty Crouch.. Junior.." Said Igor "My Son..?" Murmured Crouch. Crouch Jr, who was in that room quickly ran to the door trying to escape. Dumbledore stood up and knocked him out. The Guards took him out of the room, and Crouch Senior asked everybody to go out.

The Memory faded...

"That happened ten years ago" Said Dumbledore. "What does that have to do?" Asked Tyler "There are Rumours that Barty never sent his son to Azkaban. But freed him." Said The Headmaster "But Why?" Asked Tyler. "Because he is his Son. But, did you see Crouch Jr. Clearly?" Asked Dumbledore "Yes, Sir. He sticked his tongue out every few moments" Said Tyler "Yes, you know who else does that" Said Albus "Yes. Moody.." Said Tyler, confused.

Chapter 17: Cancerium Weed

Daniel saw something next to Barty... CANCERIUM WEED! "I think he killed himelf!" Daniel said, pointing to a half-eaten leaf of Cancerium Weed. Cancerium weed was a weed that could give even extremely healthy birds Cancer. "That's Canceruim Weed, a weed that if eaten, can give you cancer. but if used correctly, it can kill cancer cells as well." Daniel explained. Hermione and the rest of the class stared at Daniel. Hagrid was shocked. "Did you see this weed before?" Hagrid asked. "I did. it's a plant growing outside the village. i found that most birds with K.O.A.B. had eaten this plant. explanation? K.O.A.B. is a form of CANCER, not it's own disease." Daniel said. Daniel picked a few leaves and put them in a vial he had brought along from his lab. after Magical Creatures class, Daniel sat in his dorm mashing the Cancerium Weed into a liquid. Daniel had brought along some needed components. Brine, an air-tight lid with an airlock, and more Cancerium Weed. after the brine and extra cancerium weed was in, Daniel put the air-tight lid on the jar, added water to the airlock, and latched the jar shut. Muna had stayed a while, and when she saw Daniel's Fermento-vial, she smiled.

Chapter 18: Hermione rescue

later, Daniel hear shouting and Hermione screaming on the roof. Daniel ran up there, and saw all the Birdwarts students knocked out except for hermione, and a bird in a back hood. Daniel looked at his vial of Canceruim weed... and threw it. it hit the bird in the black cape, and Daniel saw cancer cells rapidly form. Daniel ran to save Hermione, and the bird pushed her off the roof! Daniel quickly grabbed Hermione, as quick as a Yellow bird with turbo charges. he found his stare at the ground, not at hermione, and he pulled back in fright. Daniel pulled Hermione back unto the roof. "Thank you, Daniel." Hermione said. and with that, she kissed him. "that's kiss-from-Hermione number 2..." Daniel said when Hermione left.

Chapter 19: The Last Task

The last Task was coming, and Tyler was ready for It. "Do you know what the Third Task is?" Asked Hermione. "No. I don't Hermione.. You're my best Female Friend, and The Most Intelligent Bird I know asides from Daniel, but I told you three times I don't know what the Task Is.." Said Tyler. "I'm Your Best Woman Friend" Asked Hermione, making Tyler some signs he couldn't understand "Yes You Are!" He said. Hermione kept doing the signs with her eye. "What The--?" Tyler said, and Shar came out. "She's your Best Friend?" Said Shar "Wait. No-- Listen--" Tyler Tried to explain "No, Explain it to her, and forget about me" Shar said and left crying "I kept doing the Signs. I'm so sorry about it" Said Hermione. "It's not your fault." Said Tyler. The third task was announced and Tyle was ready to leave. "The only thing I was able to see in the Future in yesterday's divination class, Is that one of us four will die in this Task" Said Tyler. "It Can't be you,," Hermione said, sadly. Suddenly it popped onto Tyler's head "Hermione! Crouch Jr. Is the one in my dream, next to Pettigrew and Birdemort!" Said Tyler "So?" Asked Hermione "This is all Worse... Crouch Jr. COULD be Moody, with a Disguise, and I think Draco is Birdemort's right hand!" Said Tyler "Tyler.. The Task Is dangerous.. I-I-I.." Hermione stopped and kissed Tyler. "WOW, what was that For!?" Said Tyler "For Luck... I don't wanna loose you in there.." Said Hermione "I'm sure you won't" Said Tyler and left. The others were there and Tyler told 'em everything, except for Hermione's kiss. "Tyler.. I know you won't die. But.. Good Luck Out there Buddy.." Said Daniel and gave him a hug. "Yes, Tyler.. Be careful, With Everything" Said Ryan. Ron appeared and Apologized. "Listen, you may think I never thought of you.. But I gave you a chance to see the Dragons" Said Ron "What? That Was Hagrid!" Said Tyler "No, My Brother Charlie is the Guardian, and He told me about them, and I Then told Hagrid about the Dragons, and he told you" Said Ron "Ok.. Then.. Bye everyone" Said Tyler and left.

The Third Task was a gigantic maze. And the only goal was that the one who found the Cup First would win "...And Only Proffesor Moody knows where the Cup is.. If anyone wants to give up, just shoot red sparks from yor wand" Dumbledore said. "The Task will begin when the Cannon Explo--" BOOM! Dumbledore was interrupted by the Cannon again, and the four champions entered the Maze. Tyler kept looking for hours and hours. And he saw Fleur "Fleur!" Said Tyler "Tyler, Run! He's bewitched!" She said "Who!?" "Krum!" She said. Tyler saw Krum. His eyes where ALL white and he looked kinda dead. "The Imperius Curse! Somebody is using it on him!" Tyler thought he ran, and saw the Cup. he ran for it, but Cedric was running to it. They were pushing themselves until Cedric yelled "Stop! Stop Running!" "What!?" Asked Tyler "Let's both grab the Cup at the same time. It will be a Birdwarts victory anyway" Said Cedric and Tyler agreed. When they grabbed the cup, they were teleported to another place.

Chapter 20: The Cementery

Tyler figured out the Cup was a Portkey. "It's a Porkey. Moody bewitched it!" Said Tyler "Yes, but why would he want us here?" Cedric asked. He saw Draco and Pettigrew walking to them. Pettigrew was holding a little Baby-Like Body, but it wasn't a baby. It was Birdemort, but very weakened. "Draco.. Kill Cedric. I don't want intruders. "Yes Sir.." Said Draco. He pointed his wand at Cedric and shouted "Avada Kedavra!" Green light came out of the wand. When it hit Cedric, he fell on the floor.. Dead.

"NOOOO!" Screamed Tyler. "You.. You. You filthy piece of--" "Mobilicorpus!" Said Draco, and lifted Tyler. He put Tyler in a tomb, and tied Tyler to the Tomb with the Incarcerous spell. "Let Me Go!" Shouted Tyler. He saw the Tomb "Tom Riddle Sr." Said the Tomb "This is Birdemort's dad's tomb!" Tyler thought. Draco created a Cauldron and said "Yes, I knew you were wondering from where I knew all those spells, and Yes. The Dark Lord gave me special lessons, And I became his Right Hand!" He put Some Liquid in the Cauldron "You Can Guess What I'm making.. A Potion for reviving the Dark Lord, mwahahaha!" Draco said. "You'll Never-- Be..--" Tyler was very weakened, and sad because of Cedric. "Now.. A Bone from the Father of the Dark Lord" Said Pettigrew, who was giving Draco instructions on how to make the Potion. "A Bone from his Father, huh?" Said Draco and lifted the Tomb Tyler was standing on, and took a bone out of it, and he then put it in the Potion. "Sacrifice Feathers from his Servant." Said Pettigrew. Draco cut some of his Feathers and put them in the Cauldron. "And Finally.. Blood from the Enemy.." Said Pettigrew. "This will Hurt, Franks.." Said Draco "Bleedus!" He said, and Tyler started to cry in pain, and blood came out of his beak. "That will be enough thank you.." Draco lifted the blood with his wand, and put it on the Cauldron. "It's ready, Peter" He said. Pettigrew put the Body in the Cauldron, and after five seconds...BOOM! The Cauldron exploded and A full-size Birdemort came out. He called his death eaters and mocked at Tyler. He then freed Tyler and told him to fight him. "C'mon, try your best spell at me, c'mon!" Said Birdemort. Tyler grew in courage and shouted "Expelliarmus!" Birdemort casted a shield and Tyler was sent flying. "Ahaha! Poor Little Frankie.. CRUCIO!" He shouted and Tyler was tortured. He got up and shouted "Avada Kedavra!" and Birdemort shouted the same spell at the Same Time. A Big, Green Light was formed in both Bird's wands (It Looked Like a Chain was holding both wands) Tyler tried to lift his wand but he couldn't, So he threw his wand and grabbed Cedric's. "Accio!" He said and grabbed the Portkey. Since he was standing on Cedric, he was teleported too.

Chapter 21: The Truth is Revealed

Tyler reappeared in the Birdwarts castle, where everyone was watching the Maze, and everybody looked at him. The proffesors went down and asked what happened "He's back, He's back!" Said Tyler. "Who!? Who!?" Asked Snape "Birdemort is back! He killed Cedric!" Said Tyler. Moody appeared, and took Tyler to his office. "The Plan worked!" He said "You.. You're th Dark Lord's servant, aren't you, Crouch!" Shouted Tyler "Yes! It was all plane--" Moody was interrupted by Dumbledore, who disarmed him and made him drink a Truth potion. "Where's the real Moody!?" He asked. Crouch looked at the same Chest Tyler saw moving a month ago. There was the real Moody. He got out and they Sent Crouch to Azkaban. Tyler went with his friends. He hugged Daniel and Ryan, and Hermione looked at him "You were right. I didn't loose you" She said "Yes.. I was right" Hermione hugged him and she then Kissed him "Woooo!" Said Ron. Daniel hit him "Ouch". Ron said. Hermione and Tyler went back at Birdwarts and sit alone watching the sky "Didn't you have a crush on her?" Asked Ryan "Seeing One of my best friends with her.." Said Ron "What?" Asked Daniel "The Crush.. It Just.. Woof! Away!" Said Ron.

"The Year has ended" Said Tyler "Yes. Promise me you'll visit me at my house" Said Hermione "Why Shouldn't I?" Asked Tyler "Tyler.. I L-L-Lov--" "Shh.. You Can tell that to me next year." Said Tyler, hugged her and left.


You liked this story, wait 'til you see the Fifth Year Story! Ha!

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