"I will not rest until I have found the missing eggs, and I blow any object that stands in my way into the outer regions of space, do you hear me?"

- Flamro to armoured pig.


Flamro (pronounced Flame-row) is a teenage flame bird that is leader of the space flock, that will appear in a story coming soon. He sometimes carries weapons like missiles, nukes and TNT crates on his back and he has the ability to explode and set everything on fire. The outer shockwave blows anything else away from him. He has a Uber mask that can shoot red beams. Anyone who tries to sneak up on him from behind will get prickled by his black tail, and even taller things will get burnt by his fuse. Flamro can look silly when he's calm because he has a short fuse. His fuse is lit on fire when he's angry and he tries to keep it like this all the time. Flamro does have a kind side, as he seems to even kiss the eggs secretly when it's his shift. He is also quite responsible for not just the eggs, but the rest of the flock too, as he treats them like his family. He is a very good role model for the young birds, except when it comes to sports. He is not effected by gravity in one story and in another, got so angry with King Pigram, that he blew up the entire of Bacon island and set the whole beach of Feather island on fire, due to his firebolt being so hot it could turn water into metal!


Powers: Shooting Red Beams from his mask, Exploding, setting everything on fire and launching weapons from his back which go in random directions.

First level appearance: 1-1

First story appearance: None...YET!

Gender: Male

Species: Flame-coloured Tanager (actual species) | Destructive Flame Bird (Made up species)

Strength: Medium-Strong

Birth date: August 5th, 1998

Occupation: Angry Bird Flock Leader Character | Main Character

Size: Regular

Flamro likes: Motivating the flock and blowing things up.

Flamro loathes: Delegating responsibility, sportsbirdship and trying not to get angry.


Affliations: Good Pigs, Weapon Industries, The Flock in space, The Flock, The Original Flock.

Nickname: Kamikazer.

Known Aliases: Champion Exploder, Champion Pig Popper, Stone Smasher, Boss Flamro, Big Brother, Little Brother, Wood Breaker, Frenzy bird (only when in funky fruit costume).

Family: Starry Ella (little sister), Angryhacker (father), Toxic Terence (big brother), Pecky (mother).

Birdsonality: Kind, Responsible, Angriest bird, Serious, Courageous.

Languages: Sleuthwingese, Robotic, English, Tagalog, Polish, Birdwise.


  • He's always admired and read the legends of the original Angry Birds gang.
  • He eats bacon and grass, but dislikes candy except chocolate.
  • He's in search of Daniel and the rest with his flock.
  • He's confused as to why there's a baby pig (Hamm) with Daniel.
  • He sometimes takes Anger Management tests.
  • He's is one of the strongest birds in the flock.
  • His element is fire, and some birds call him "The descendant of the sun".
  • He is leader of all the flock, although the flock is split into two pieces:

Original Flock and Helper Flock (Others that come in to help).

  • He's the first bird to be unlocked.
  • He can play the electric guitar.

How to draw Flamro:

1. Draw a circle.

2. Draw a spikey tail and color it in black.

3. Draw a Uber mask and a beak

4. Draw a belly.

5. Color the Uber Mask black and the beak yellow. Leave belly white.

6. Draw a fuse then draw a firebolt above like the original Firebomb bird from AB Space.

7. Color fuse and body (except belly) orange.

8. Color outside of firebolt and fuse red.

9. Color in firebolt yellow.

You may cut out the picture you've drawn!

Rage Rating: 5/5

- By Blazefire(R).

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