Fireworks Dave was a villain who popped up Occasionally in stories. he is Blacky's Brother although Blacky Denied it. Fireworks teamed up with the pigs after Daniel Released him to destroy him in the future. He has an eyepatch.
Fireworks Dave

Fireworks Dave

he became a force for good when Ryan talked him into it, and he went back to helping the gang. he Died Saving Daniel from FireWorker, another firework-themed Villian. His Son, Barry Dave, has Taken up his Father's Job and title.


  • Full Name: James F. Dave (Deceased) Barry "Rodgers" Dave (Fireworks Dave II)
  • Foes: FireWorker, King Pigram, Bombarder
  • Allies: Daniel (old Foe), Ryan, Strawdina, Kamakaze Bombers
  • Aliases: Bander Bird (Trek birds) FireWorker II ( Angry Birds 15: Dave, I am your Father) SWAT Bird (Angry birds: Via Real Life!) Tech Support Agent (The Flock and The Goo) Randuport Dave (Angry Birds Extinction)
Fireworks Dave
Fireworks Dave
General Info
Powers Explosions
First Level Appearance: YIT-3-15
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Gender: Male
Species: Greater Antillean Bullfinch
Strength: Strong
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