"the Final Enemy is one who should he died already, and it's shocking he hasn't. his  face and body is scarred with the ash of fireworks gone wrong, his heart drenched in the urns of the birds he's purposely killed. he killed a Friend's father."

-Daniel Referring to Fireworker in season 4, episode 7, "Julia Gets Captured"

FireWorker fits the Desciption Daniel sets above, murderous, and deformed from Ash of Fireworks that exploded Early. once a humble Fireworks Manufacturer,he fell into the hands of evil through the story of Fireworks Dave I, a friend of his. he renamed himself FireWorker, and tried to kill Daniel for putting Fireworks Dave out of his job, although Dave was now BACK on the job through Ryan. FireWorker's attacks backfired and the ash of his Fireworks became permanently burned unto his face and body, even covering the white spot on his forehead. in an attempt to finish Daniel off, FireWorker accidentally killed Fireworks Dave, who was trying to make the two stop fighting. FireWorker is still alive today, fighting Daniel in vengeance still, but this time for Injuring him so badly.

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