Daniel, Hermione,Tyler, and Ryan were blind tag, when a Distant scream rang out. everyone took off their blindfolds and looked around. a hop-steps echoed towards them, and the four heroes formed a four pointed star, ready for whatever would happen. the hop-steps grew louder, and a bird who looked like Daniel, only insanely fat, approached them. "HERMIONE, TYLER AND RYAN ALIVE?!!" it said in a voice similar to that of Dulk, then it looked at Daniel. "BIRD DARE IMPERSONATE ME?! BIRD DIE WITH TRAITORS!!!". Daniel aimed his gun at it, Tyler Began to eat a Burrito, Ryan took out his special brand of gut-wrenching bubble-gum that Daniel mixed to stun enemies, and Hermione took out her wand. "PRETEEN SQUAD, ATTACK!" Daniel Shouted. Ryan gave the Bird his gum, Tyler used his super burp, Hermoine used the knockout spell, and Daniel shot a tranquilizer dart at it. the Bird screamed in pain, and then fell down. Daniel all of the sudden screamed and fell as well.

Why did that happen? find out in part 2.

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