Golden Slumbers - Fairytale Of Pig Island (Instrumental)03:05

Golden Slumbers - Fairytale Of Pig Island (Instrumental)

The Insrtumental

Fairytale Of Pig Island
is a Christmas song by the Golden Slumbers and the Pigs. This song was made when the pigs kidnapped the Golden Slumbers and forced them to make a christmas song. It is due to appear in an Angry Birds Toons Christmas Album. It first appeared on the Golden Slumbers first album.


Pigram: It's christmas eve, Birds

At Pigram palace.

I'm all alone here,

Just like every year. I pour myself a drink, A pint of Pig Brewed Beer. I hold my glass up high,

And toast into the year.

But who's those building ones?

Outside unlike some.

By pork it's freezing,

But they're not squealing.

They've got a plan, I see.

To build a fortress for me.

Won't make it on their own,

Well I can change that.

Chief: We'll have Walls big as trucks

And the pools full of cash.

Fat Pig: No the fun never ends

Throw your fears in the trash

All: when those pesky birds

Hit the fortress wall

They'll be crying and begging

And screaming no more

Builders: WE CAN DO IT!

All: Hurray!

PIgram: Best fortress ever made!

With loads of defences,

We'll have a safe time

The best Christmas ever

Shame about the weather

We'll make snowpigs, chuck snowballs

And have a great time!

All: Pigs from the royal kingdom army

Will sing "PIGRAM HURRAY!"

When the angry birds keep out

For Christmas day!

Fat Pig: No food is about!

Pig: The power is out!

Builder: The roof isn't done

Pigram; I hear birds about!

There's a fire and a flood.

Helmet Pig: I'm covered in blood.

Builder: Fortress Christmas my snout

We won't finish in time!

All: Pigs from the royal kingdom army

Would be singing "PIGRAM HURRAY!" 

If the angry birds keep out

On Christmas day!

Daniel: Hey guys you need a hand?

Tyler: Come on, we'll join the band

Ryan: We'll make this fortress, you see


Chief: The Walls are super strong!

Fat Pig: The tables are really long!

Pigram: Come have some food in here

Let's party and spread the cheer!

All: Pigs from the royal kingdom army

Were singing "PIGRAM HURRAY!"

And the angry birds helped out

On Christmas day!

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