Tyler sat in the car, and Anne hummed while she drove with ease. meanwhile, in another car, a similar orange bird was having a complete heart attack and swerving in and out of the bad and good areas. anne saw it when it was coming right at her. she managed to dodge it, and slide to a halt. the other car had stopped too. Tyler, being careful, crossed over to check on the crashed driver. as he opened the door, he had to hold his breathe to supress a scream... THE DRIVER WAS DEAD! Tyler looked in back to see some comic books and two booster seats. the right sign to say this bird had kids, and they had now lost their dad. Tyler had never lost a relative, but he bet if felt painful. he picked up the guy's phone and called the birds wife (who was conveniently in speed dial). "hello? bob? a female voice asked over the phone. "no, i'm sorry. your husband is dead, he just died in the front seat. of what i don't know" Tyler said. he heard a kid like him in the background saying 'mom, when is dad coming home?', then the woman hung up. Tyler got back in the car.

Meanwhile at the house...

at the house of the believed-to-be-dead bird, the real guy was sitting at home. "it is too bad project 9 died on the job, but now i can change him! he pressed a button on the remote, and another orange bird appeared, mimicing tyler's exact features, every secret, every lie, every truth, and every memory was exacted into this bird, and upon seeing it believed "father" dead, it became angry. and it had only one suspect one it's mind.... Tyler, for it had not seen what happened.

more soon

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