Chapter 1: A Normal Day at Work

i woke up to the sound of static.i went down to the basement to check out what was going was just brian fooling around with my stuff. i had then prepared to go to my job. i carefully walked out of the house and walked down to the resturant. i greeted Andrew (my boss) and took my position at the cash register. it took a long time until a customer came in. he asked for bacon and the cook got right on the job. when he was done his food the costumer simpy left.

Chapter 2: An Old Enemy Returns

I then got a phone call. The guy was just an employee from my company telling me something is wrong at the office. i told him hang on and i told andrew i had to leave. but he didn't let me. since there is no replacement for me at the cash register. and so i got brian to do it. i left to go to the office. When i arrived half of the building was destroyed. i was thinking of who COULD of done it. i got another call. but this time it was'nt a friendly voice. the voice sounded like a robird. i thought of Evanbot 3000. "GIVE ME THE DUPLICATOR!" he yelled. "No" i said. "I'LL BLOW UP YOUR HOUSE I'F YOU DON'T GIVE IT TO ME!" he yelled. "Ok,Ok" i said and i hung up and would of called some friends to help me and told them my plan but did'nt.

What will evan do? How will his plan work out? find out in part 2!

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