Chapter 4: Disaster

Three Years Later, Evan had met a VERY nice bird Named Drake. He And Drake then whent to a mine field. "Are You Sure This is Safe?" Evan asked, "Don't Worry, i got you're Back" Said Drake, Evan was suddenly angry, DEVIN took Over. Evan then walked over to a crate of tnt and hit it causing it to explode and LOTS of other tnt crates whent off. Then the debris of the buildings nearby covered drake. Evan then  pulled drake out of the reckage. "I'm Sorry" said evan. "Well, I'm Going To Take Revenge." said drake. "When?" Said evan, "When your not expecting it." said drake

Chapter 5: Leaving Angry Birds Island

After the devastation he had caused Evan was preparing to leave as he was in deep depression after the incident. he had then made a boat and set a drift. had then whent to another island were he thought would take his mind off things. but one day he had heard his parents were being punished by the pigs. he was VERY angry. and went on the  nearest plane.

Chapter 6: Return

Evan was now on the plane coming back but when the plane was going to land it crashed into a backyard. Daniel, Ryan and Tyler were watching tv at Daniel and Ryan's House until they heard the plane crash."What Was THAT!" said Tyler, "I Don't Know, But we should check it out" said Ryan, "I Don't Know about this. it maybe an attack made by pigs," said daniel, "Yeah!" said Ryan, But they checked it out anyway. they had seen a plane. "And a certain yellow bird came out. "Am i in heaven?" said evan, "No" Said daniel. "Who Are You?" said evan, they had then told him their names. "But, Who Are YOU." said tyler. "I'm Evan" said (well you know!,) "Hey, Evan" said Ryan. "you should come inside" ryan continued. "Ok" said evan and they knew soon they would all be good friends. part 3 coming soon.

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