Chapter 1: Birth  

One Peaceful Afternoon there was a couple who had a baby son Evan they wanted him to be one of the birds to HELP the pigs? so they tested GAMMA RADIATION on him secretly (it was illegal at the time they DID'NT care since they were criminals.)and turned him into a Part Bird-Part Crocodile Hybrid. but he didn't help the pigs. he soon became part of the gang! )

baby evan

Chapter 2: The Split Personality

One day. evan was having a bad time. he developed an Evil split personality he named devin.(don't worry its gone now.) he haven't even knew it until it took control for the first time.

Chapter 3: Leaving The Island

one day evan had met a bird named drake they became good friends until an accident involving his split personality and drake changed his life forever and he left the island to never inflict pain on other birds again.

Chapter 4: Return

On another island evan was sitting around when he thought "i should go back to the island" he then said no until he saw in the newspaper two birds injured in pig attack and saw it was his parents and returned to save his parents and everyone else.

Chapter 5: Meeting The Gang Members

The three birds sat thinking and CRASH a pounding sound that came near by What Was That? Asked Tyler. I Don't Know' 'Answered Daniel And They Went to the crash site i..iiit's a bird. Said Daniel as they looked in. Evan was in a crater. What's Your Name? Asked Ryan. Evan told them his name .Well Hi Evan Said Ryan. Hi.' Said Evan Back To Him' . What's your guy's names'?. 'They Told Him Their names and became good friends.

Chapter 6: Search And Rescue

Evan heard that an egg was captured by the pigs. So he found a good disguise(a pig costume) and set out to save him. at the pigs castle, he found king pigram's troops surrounding the egg and followed them to a top secret area. In the top secret area A pig told him Guard it for the king, Promise? evan said I promise and the pigs left leaving evan with the egg. no i don't promise he whispered and took it. INTRUDER ALERT, INTRUDER ALERT he heard alarms say and ran. now why would a pig take the egg? asked king pigram i don't know answered a helmet pig maybe it was a BIRD! Said another helmet pig, security camera showed evan taking off his disguise outside. GET HIM! yelled king pigram and sent his troops after him but it was too late evan had escaped,Noooo! yelled king pigram,

Chapter 7 :Adopting The Egg

when he got home he remembered he had the egg so he pulled it out and it started cracking it open, but he must have cracked it open to early, because the chick had a scar on his left eye. Evan gave him an eyepatch so he wouldn't creep people out and named him brian

Chapter 8: The Poodle-Bird and Getting a Girlfriend

That same day he adopted a poodle bird and named her jessica and when he got out of the store he bumbed into a lavender google bird named Barbara and instantly knew he had feelings for her as so she did too and they started dating and adopted three eggs whom they named Tom, Micheal and Robert and the doctor told they are blue birds THE END

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