Chapter 1: Search

Evan woke up. He saw that it was sunny outside and ran out. He suddenly remembered when he was a kid (flashback starts) "Dude, Stop!" Said Evan, "What, You Don't Like It?" Said Shawn , "No" said evan, "OK, I'll stop" said shawn(flashback ends) "Shawn" Said Evan. He Ran Away from the village to around the pig's fortress, "Wow, It's Darker Than It Usually Is" Said Evan. He Looked At pigs from the fence and jumped over it. "Hello, Pig" Said Evan, "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" said the pig and ran away , "time to get him back" said an angry evan, he went through the hallway to the throne room "hello, pigram" said evan, "GUARDS!" said king pigram, "no, i just want my brother back" said evan, "oh, him, he is in the jungle" siad king pigram.

Chapter 2: Through The Forest

he made his way to the forrest but quickly knew there would be dangers....and evan suddenly was gone! he had sneaked up to pigs he saw and attacked one "SIRE!!!" yelled one of the pigs. but evan went over to a TNT Crate and lit on fire and touched it to explode. More coming soon!

Chapter 3: Survival

Chapter 4: A Little Suprise

Chapter 5: Return

Chapter 6: Party

Chapter 7: Everything's Normal Again

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