• Evan is having a bad day, things go worse only when Evan's past is changed by calvin, "the master of time", Evan must fight this new villan when no one can help him.

 Chapter 1: Revenge 

It was a nice day, but not for evan. he was having his vacation away. but a noise startled him, he looked outside . "WHAT IS THAT!"' he yelled, seeing a machine, then, in a whisper, someone replied "Your downfall". Then a portal appeared and the man jumped in it. Then everything was different.....he WAS in his house though. "Barbara!" he yelled, no reply. "Hmm, that's strange" he said, confused,  "I'll see what's up with lewis" 

he said, he then walked to Tyler/Lewis's House and knocked on the door. Tyler answered "Yes? What is it?" said Tyler, "Hey, Tyler" Said Evan, "HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME!?!?" yelled Tyler. Then Lewis came over. "Umm. This house is not open for commercial use.... SO GO AWAY!" "Commercial Use, WHA? Lew, i'm a friend" said Evan "I've never seen you in my life" Lewis replied. "Wait..." Evan started to cheer up, someone could remember him! Then Lewis spoke. "YOUR THAT ENERGY DRINKS GUY! WHAT DID I SAY! THEY TASTE HORRIBLE! GO AWAY!" Evan left and went to his friends houses to see if they knew him. The thing was no one knew who he was!

 Chapter 2: The Mysterious Figure

When evan went back home, a thunderstorm started. Then a mysterious dark figure appeared outside the window. "Huh?" he said. then lightning struck and he disspaered. "That Was Weird" said evan, then he heard a sound, the sound of fire. he looked out, the man standing there. 

Chapter 3: The Battle

evan ran out and punched the man, "Is THAT all you've got?" the man said, "No, I'm just getting started" said Evan, Evan then threw the man at a building, "why are you doing this?" evan asked, "Because, you took EVERYTHING FROM ME!" said the man. then the man revealed who he was....................

Chapter 4: The Man's Identity...Revealed

the man was "CALVIN WHEELER?!" yelled evan, "Yes, i can change time, also, i can make you.........dissappear." said calvin, "what do you mean?" said evan, "to make sure you were never born and that i would STILL HAVE MY COMPANY!" yelled calvin, this shocked Evan, then calvin dissppeared . "He will be stopped." said evan, "Oh, I Won't" calvin said. 

Chapter 5: The Final Battle

then evan found calvin's footprints and followed them, to find calvin's house. the walked in and found calvin in a secret base. "STOP THIS" said evan, "never!" yelled calvin, evan then punched calvin. calvin punched him back. evan then kicked calvin in the face. "ENOUGH, THIS ENDS!" calvin said, while throwing a grenade. the grenade exploded in evan's face. evan screamed "AHHHHHHHHHH!" he yelled, evan then grabbed the time machine and set it down, making a portal and he threw calvin in. evan then set time back to normal and was sent to the hospital..........meanwhile, long back in time, calvin sat in a cave. "i will be back, you will see." he said. then evan swore he would stop trying to be funny, and said he would be more SERIOUS.

the end

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