Evan's First Party Is The Third Episode Of Tyler And Lewis: Partners In Time.

Chapter 1: Planning

Evan clipboard

Evan was having a good day. He was planning.....for a PARTY! He had thought of how to make it good and hope there would be no party crashers..."Tonight's gonna be great!" said Evan. Brian gave Evan the planning clipboard, "Here you go!" Brian said. "Okay, thanks! So lets see... food... drinks... cows dancing... balloo- wait COWS DANCING?!" Evan said. "Yeah, everybody likes cows!" Brian replied. "Eh, we're going to erase that idea." Evan said, erasing the word, Cows Dancing. "Hey, what about cheese confetti? Heh heh." Megan chuckled. "No, I don't think we could do that..." Evan said.

Chapter 2: Invitations


"Okay, it's all good!" said Evan, "Now for invitations, anyone want anyone here tonight?" "Can all our friends be here?" said Tom, "Sure Tom" said Evan, "Can mine be here too?" said Barbara, "Yes, and I'm inviting mines, of course!" They went to work on the invitations. After that, Evan put all the food on the table, decorations, music, and games. "Wow, 30 minutes before it started, and we're already finished!" said Barbara. And they waited...

Chapter 3: The Party Begins


"The party's starting in 10 minutes!" Barbara said, excitedly. 'Woo-hoo! Everything's set up! We got our friends invited!" Evan said. Later everyone arrived and the party started."Thank you for coming!' yelled Evan. "No problem, this party is off the hook!" Ryan said, dancing. Pigs were staring at the house "A party! We've got to tell the King!" said a pig. "We must!" said another pig. And they went to King Pigram's fortress. "My King, there's a party," said a pig, "at Evan's house!" said another pig. "Well, what are you waiting for? INFULLTRATE IT!" said King Pigram, then those pigs then dressed up as two regular red birds and ran to Evan's House.

Chapter 4: Disaster

Pig disguised bird

Evan then saw a boomerang bird he never met before "Hey, who are you?" asked Evan, "Oh yeah, hi I'm Boomerang" said Boomerang, "Oh, nice to meet you Boomerang!" said Evan, and saw the "Red birds" and walked up to them, "Hi, I'm Evan," said Evan, "Hi I'm P-p-p-i...Red, yeah, Red!" said the disgused pig. "and you?" said Evan, "Umm. I'm his brother, no name needed" said the other disgused pig, "Okay, I'll just call you Red's bro!" said Evan. The pigs were sniffing at the delicous breakfast cereal that was going to be served next morning. "Wait, were are you staring at tomorrow's breakfast? Because that's what PIGS do!" said Evan, "Um, uhh... we're not pigs..." said The Disguised Pig. "Yeah, a-a-and we weren't looking at the b-breakfast!" the second Disguised Pig said. "Okay... in you go..." said Evan. The Disgused Pig then yelled "Cake anyone?" and ate it all. Evan got angry, until a thundering "BOOOOOM!" came from the basement "Stay here," said Evan, and went down. His robot, Evanbot 3000, was going berserk, then it punched a hole in the ceiling, which angered one of the guests. Then the disguised pigs danced on the chairs. "HEY! Get off the chairs! They'll get dirty!" Evan said. "Never!" said a disguised pig. Another arm came from the floor, and then sure enough, the robird came up entirely out of the floor and angered that guest even more but who was that guest? It was...

Chapter 5: Party's Over

Daniel google bird
... Daniel. Daniel was angry about the robird. "Evan, where did that Robird come from!?" yelled Daniel, "I made it" said Evan, "You what?!" said Daniel, "Those were the parts that I was looking for!" said Daniel, "Ok, I'll shut it down," said Evan, and turned Evanbot 3000 off.Everybody was having fun. "This is awesome!" Kashy said. "Agreed!" Ryan said. At 1:24 AM, everyone was tired, and slept on the floor. Before Evan knew it, Morning had arrived! He had seen everyone asleep on the floor. "RISE AND SHINE!" yelled Evan, "What happened?" said one of the guests.
"You were all knocked out" said Evan, "Party's over, everybody."said Evan, and everyone walked out except Daniel "Great party, but exclude the Robird part next time!" he had yelled, "Ok, Ok!" said Evan, and he left and went to the garage. Meanwhile in the basement....Evanbot 3000 woke up. and said "MUST. DESTROY. REVENGE!"

The End

{Credits roll}

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