His user account is Here ,his first story is Evan's Story,he also has a BIG family. see their names on the Peterson Family Members page.

Personal Data

Full Name: Evan Jonathan Anthony Peterson

Nicknames:  Ev-Ev (by Hamm)

Afflications: The Gang, , Good Pigs, Lewis, Kashy, Ryan, Daniel etc.

Alignment: Neutral

Birthday: April 21, 2000

Hogwarts House: Slytherin


He is kind and intelligent and a skilled fighter. he owns a company called Peterson Industries. he is very serious on cases. he used to work at The Fat Pig also. He is in a band, too.


DESTRUCTION! (catchprase)

Hello, Peterson residence Evan speaking (on phone)

why am i here exactly?

Hello. (Greeting)


  • He HATES spicy food
  • He likes pizza
  • He suffers from a Split Personality Disorder.
  • He is a Gamer
  • He likes a little Action
  • He is a good swimmer
  • He worked as a cashier at the resturant called The Fat Pig
  • He has a company called Peterson Industries.
  • He is a skilled fighter.
  • He lost his eye sight at a young age so he wears eye contacts.
  • He is Lewis's best friend


Fire Manipulation (Main Power)

Teleportation (Secondary Power)

Super speed (Usual Power as yellow birds have)



Can pass through walls

Shape-Shifting! (Newest Power)


General Info
Powers Many
First Level Appearance: None
First Story Appearance: Evan's Story
Gender: Male
Species: Canary
Strength: Dangerously High
Birth Date: April 21