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Chapter 1: The Strange Bird

Daniel, Tyler and Ryan were walking along a mountainside path, chatting. "Im sorry Tyler," Daniel said. "But I just dont think Pighram is smart enough to discover iron!" "But how do we know, Daniel? How do, your probably right." Tyler replied. They came across a shadowy figure standing on a cliff edge. They couldnt tell what kind of bird it was. "Daniel, do you know what bird that is?" Ryan asked. "I have no idea." Daniel replied. "Stop," the figure asked, "who goes there?! The three birds quickly hid behind a large boulder just as the figure turned around. It stepped forward and saw the three. "State your name before I use force!" It yelled. "Daniel Redmond," Daniel said, a little scared. "...Daniel Redmond? THE Daniel Redmond?" "The?" "I've heard lots about you." The figure said as it stepped out of the shadows, reavealing to be a dark purple lazer bird. " I'm Optcuritas, and...wait, do you hear that?" "Hear what?" Tyler asked. "Engines in the can only be-"

Chapter 2: Hate to spoil your fun, but...

Just then, a massive vehicle streaked by the bird and stopped, and guess who came out the back? If you guessed King Pighram, you are correct. "PIGHRAM!" all the birds shouted in unison. "Welcome, my-" Pighram said before tripping over a losse floorboard and tumbling over. The birds couldnt help but snicker."MECHANIC!" Pighram shouted, "You said you fixed that!" "Sorry Sire, but I couldnt! We were off before I could finish!" "WHY YOU...!" Pighram shouted, until he noticed the bird laughing. "CUT IT OUT!" "Dont stress yourself, sire." Mechenic pig said. "What are you here for NOW?" Daniel asked. "Pull the crane around!" Pighram said. A small crane extended around and swung around crazily. There was a little bit of silence for a bit until Pighran shouted "JUST SET IT TO AUTO CONTROL!" The crane stopped swinging around and flew in front of the birds and revealed...what else but the eggs! Pighram quickly hopped and into the vehicle and tripped over again. "Ow! MECHANIC!" "Didnt have time, sire!" As the vehile drove off extremely fast into the distance, the birds started get really angry (nothing new there, then) and storm clouds started to gather into the sky. Optcuritas quickly said "wait here, I'll go get the eggs!" "Yeah, like you could catch up to.." Tyler said just as Optcuritas sped off into the distace. He was so fast, he left a purple streak of light behind him!

Meanwhile, in the pig vehicle...

Mechinic pig looked out the rear view mirror and saw Optcuritas speeding towards them. "Purple bird heading towards us sire!" He said. "Realease the oil slick!" A trail of oil fell out of the back of the truck. Optcuritas though, just ran along the wall and avoided it. "Wow, he's good." Mechanic pig said. "Dont compliment the enemy!" Pighram said. "Realease the boxing glove!" A boxing glove came out of the top of the vehile and tried to punch Optcuritas, but he held on to it. "Retract the boxing glove!" Pighram ordered. The glove went back into the vehicle, bringing in Optcuritas with it! "Oh..." Pighram moaned. Optcuritas rammed into the side of the vehicle, pushing it over the edge! "Realeasing parachute!" Machanic said as he pressed a button, causing one umbrella to fall out of the vehicle. Both Optcuritas and Pighram stared at mechanic with -_-  faces. "Really?" Pighram asked. "Sorry sire, resources were-" before the vehicle tipped over the edge and started falling down the cliff! Optcuritas jumped out of the vehicle just before it hit the ground. Daniel, Ryan and Tyler ran down to the bottom. "Wow," Ryan said. "Just as fast as me!" "Just glad I could help!" Optcuritas said.


Pighram stumbled out of the vehicle, dazed. "Grr, I wont forget the day I met that bird! Hear me world! I WONT-" Before tripping over the loose floor board again. "...MEEEEEEEEEEECCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCC!"

The end

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